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Tim Wilson - Dick Weasel Attorney At Law (Chord)
Submitter: cdub53 (4) on 5/13/19
Month Views: 34 | Total Views: 738
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Dick Weasel, Attorney at Law by Tim Wilson

Intro: A  Bm  E  A  

A                     Bm
He'll beat you to the emergency room 

             E                      A
and paint a devastating picture of pain and gloom
he'll hate to hear all about your wreck
          E                                         Am
but deep down he's kinda happy that you broke your neck

He's almost a doctor he's worse than a crook

          E                          A
he's the lawyer on the back of your telephone book

               Am             Bm
he can cry on cue and he can lie to your face

     E                                     A
and he can probably get you a bigger neck brace.

They haven't made anybody that he won't sue

               E                     A
he'll get the radio station you was listening to

and if picking up your sister is in the police report

E                                A
he can probably take that b***h to court

B            E
Dick Weasel Attorney at law
          F#                       B
if you're in a body cast he's the man to call

he'll sue your boss and your momma an' them 

he could make a preacher wanna injure him

       B                        E
He'll take 'em to court, he'll get ya the cash

F#                              B
He's the Johnny Cochran of the bull whiplash

He's the slickest lawyer that you ever saw

                F#                           B
he'll have you eating jawbreakers through a straw

      A                       Bm
He's willing to grovel, he's willing to beg

E                        A
what would you say to a broken leg

if we could get a fake cast put on your hand

      E                                   A
that might be worth another two or three grand

He'll take 'em to court and get the money real quick

E                               A
he'll tell the judge that he's worried sick

And find a sawbones to claim that your vertebra's bent
            E                                 A
but you'll have to cough up another ten percent

B             E
Dick Weasel, Attorney at law

F#                      B
He's never seen an accidental fall

He'll sue the judge and both of your kids

It couldn't possibly anything you did

       B                           E
He'll get you the money and he'll get it right now

F#                  B
Slick Dick's gonna show you how

He can make a twelve man jury squall

        F#                                 B
Over a compound fracture or some bad cole slaw

C#           F#
Dick Weasel Attorney at Law

     G#                 C#
He's F. Lee Bailey with bigger balls

He'll represent you and work so hard

           G#                              C#
You'll be sure Dick's gonna get his ass disbarred

F#              G#                    C#
And Dick Weasel wants a third of this song

F#           G#           C#
Dick Weasel wants royalties

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