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Thomas Rhett - American Spirit (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (825) on 1/2/17
Month Views: 98 | Total Views: 8,049
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American Spirit
Written by Thomas Rhett, Chris DeStefano & Jaren Johnston
Recorded by Thomas Rhett

Intro.:  |(D) |(A/E) |(G) / / (A)|(D) | x 2

(D)Ridin' down red dirt, (A/E)drivinf in a white truck, (G)lookin' at a pretty (A)blue sky(D)
Tired eyed kids (A/E)playin' in a sprinkler, (G)daddy drinkin' cold (A)Bud-(D)light
Talk about a (G)big life in a small town, ain't got a lot
But we sure found what we were (D)looking for

Solo:   / / / |(A/E) |(G) |(D) |

(D)Georgia red lipstick, (A/E)tied white tanktop, (G)Levi denim (A)blue (D)eyes
Bottle rockets blowin' up, (A/E)hot dogs servin' up, it (G)ain't even fourth of (A)Ju-(D)ly
That's just how it (G)is 'round here and we love it
We wouldn't trade it all in for nothin' more

Solo:  |(D) |(A/E) |(G) |(D) |

(Bm)Oh (A)oh (G)oh (D/F#)oh (D)oh, it's in the song, baby can't you feel it
(Bm)Oh (A)oh (G)oh (D/F#)oh (D)oh, and if you can't baby, listen to the lyrics
It's (Bm)Friday night freedom, football game, it's (A)proud of where you from, it's your last name
It's (G)thirteen stripes and fifty stars in the (A)wind
So hold up your (E7)beer and holler if you hear it, that A-(G)merican spirit - - -

Solo:  |(D) |(A/E) |(G) / / (A)|(D) | x 2

(D)Old red six string, (A/E)white piece of paper, (G)scribbled down lovin' (A)blue (D)ink
Sweet pretty girl, (A/E)sweet southern melody, (G)sweep her right (A)off of her (D)feet
(G)It's a preacher, it's a aisle, it's a ring on a finger and a bible
And a (D)title (A) on a fixer (D)up - - - house

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(D) |(D/A) |(G) |(D) |(D) |(D/A) - - -

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(D) |(A/E) |(G) / / (A)|(D) |

(D)Ridin' down red dirt, (A/E)drivinf in a white truck, (G)lookin' at a pretty (A)blue sky (D) - - - - - 
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