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The Claire Lynch Band - Dear Sister (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (772) on 4/13/18
Month Views: 67 | Total Views: 1,207
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Dear Sister
Written by Claire Lynch and Louisa Branscomb
Recorded by Claire Lynch

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(C) |(C∆/B) |(Am) |(F/A) |(C/G) |(C/G) |(G) |(G) - - -

This could (C)be my last (C∆/B)letter
I may (Am)never see the (F/A)cotton fields of (C)home again (G)
I (C)miss you, Dear (C∆/B)Sister 
To-(Am)night I never (F/A)felt so all alone (C) (G)

And the (Am)fog was so (F)thick that the (C)Stone's (Am)River (G)stars 
Could (Am)scarcely in-(F)vade the (C)dread (Am)and the (G)dark 
And (C)all that I could (C∆/B)see when I (Am)closed my eyes to (G)dream 
(C/E)Was home, (F) (C)(Am) sweet (G)home - - -

Solo:  |(Dm) |(Am) |(G) |(G) - - -

In the (C)camps of Round (C∆/B)Forest 
The (Am)midnight (G)coals were (F)glowing through the (C) haze (G)
The (C)union boys sang (C∆/B)Hail Columbia
(Am) Then (F)we sang Look Away, (C) Look Away (G)

And then a (Am)hush in the (F)rain and there (C)rose a (Am)sweet re-(G)frain 
In the (Am)dark before (F)dawn, in-(C)stead of (Am)battle (G)songs 
The (D)enemy and (D∆/C#)we all (Bm)sang a melody (A)
Was home, (F) (C)(Am) sweet (G)home

Solo:  |(C) |(C∆/B) |(Am) |(F) |(C) |(C)(Am)|(G) |(G) |
       |(C) |(C∆/B) |(Am) |(F) |(C) |(C)(Am)|(G) |(G) |
       |(Am) |(F) |(C)(Am)|(G) |(Am) |(F) |(C) |(C)(Am)|(G) - - -

So if (C)this is my last (C∆/B)letter
And I (Am)never see (G) the (F)cotton fields of (C/G)home again (G)
If I (C)fall here at Stonefs (C∆/B)River
I (Am)know that (G)God will (F)bear away my (C)soul to be with (G)Him

And I'll (Am)wait (G)for you (F)there where (C)all is (Am)bright and (G)fair 
Where the (Am)light (G)of His (F)face out-(C)shines the (Am)Blue and (G)Gray 
Where (C)all of human-(C∆/B)kind, yes, (Am)every man will (G)find 
(C/E)His home, (F) (C)(Am)sweet (G)home

Outro.:  |(C) |(C∆/B) |(Am) |(Em) |(Dm) / (E)(F)|(G) |(F) |(C/E)(G/D)|(C) - - - - - 
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