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Roger Creager - Moving On (correct) (Chord)
Album: Having Fun All Wrong (2002)
Submitter: texasisalive (6) on 9/16/03 2 comments
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Roger Creager
Moving On

G                    D                    C9
You packed up your things and then you said goodbye
G                  D               C9
You'd think after all we shared - you could tell me
G                  D     C9      D     G   D      C9
The flames were burning hot now baby, too hot to hold
G                    C9               D
But now I see your love was burning cold

     C9               D        G            D       
But don't you worry about me, I'm feelin' sorry for
Bm           C                D
and when I sleep tonight, at least I'll know my love
is true
(mute)                      C9
'cause baby Im better than you

G          C          G           D       C
I'm moving on, to a place where love is strong
G         C   G          D           C
I'moving on. Does this sound like a sad country song?
F                     C                      D
I dusted myself off, I'm back in the saddle again
F            C                             D
Yeah I lost in love with you but now I'm ready to win
                     G D C D
I'm Movin on

No more trying to get you back
and no more crying over what I thought we had
When I said "I need you" and that I was all alone
Now good old compassionate you, you slammed down the


So save your money - save your time
Save your ragged little mind
you turned your love off like a switch
C9                      D
Girl your such a dirty little * at #%!

(Change to Key of A)

A          D         A                    D
I'm moving on to a place where love is strong
I'm moving on
Does this sound like a sad country song?
(slow down)
You probably thought I'd write a sad country song.
Does this sound like a sad country song?
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Well, This tab is wrong.
-Flashgore | 5/2/2004
it's right, you just have to tune down a half-step
-ut06 | 8/11/2004
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