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Roger Creager - L.A. Freeway (Chord)
Album: Live Across Texas (2004)
Submitter: lmofle (410) on 1/21/03 7 comments
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L.A. Freeway
By Roger Creager
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

A D A E  2 times

Pack up all the dishes
Make a note of all good wishes
Say goodbye to the landlord for me
Aw you know he always bored me
And throw out all those LA papers
The moldy box of Vanilla Wafers
Adios to all this concrete
Gonna get me some dirt road back streets

Now here’s to you old Skinny Dennis
The only one I think I will miss
I can hear those bass notes ringin’
As sweet and low like a gift your bringin’
So play it for me one more time now
You got to give it all you can now
Well I believe every word you’re sayin’
Just to keep on keepin’ on, keep on playin’

           D                    E
Well I can just get off of this L.A. freeway
    A                     D
Without getting killed or caught
A                  F#m  
Down the road in a cloud of smoke
        D                E
To some land that, baby, we ain’t bought
         D                 E        A 
If I can just get off this L.A. freeway

Leave the key card in the mailbox
Leave the key in that old front lock
They can find it likely as not
There must be somethin’ we have forgot
Oh, Susanna don’t you cry babe
Love’s a gift and truly handmade
We got somethin’ to believe in
Texas is callin, baby, it’s time we were leavin’

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Actually, the way Rog plays it is with a capo on 2 and then starting
on G
-mterry909 | 2/24/2003
Great Tab, Great Song!!! im glad that i found roger creager 3 years
ago, he is my favorite country artist...I live up in Minnesota so no
one knows who he is, but im getting the word out...

-LuckyWhitey | 2/11/2004
Thanks...BTW to the top comment...capo 2 and
Open A are is the same thing. It is still
the key of A...

-lmofle | 2/11/2004
When we Credit singers we need to
put the Correct writer of the song. This
song was written by Guy Clark And first
recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker. Im sure
if guy saw this he would be crushed that it
doesnt say his name as the writer.I'm Not trying
to sound rude but being friends with song writers
I know they would never like this:)
-cowboytx082 | 8/23/2004
If you can tell me every writer of every one of my 1635 tabs, I'd be
happy to...I AM a songwriter and it wouldn't break my heart to go to
a tab site and noit see the original writer's name...because i
recognize people are more interested in the sung version.

-lmofle | 8/23/2004
One correction in the chorus:
Bm E
To some Land that we aint bought.

Bm instead of D
-gdbrown | 4/23/2012
Bm over "Some" and E over "We" The spacing above didnt come out right
-gdbrown | 4/23/2012
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