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Roger Creager - I Loved You When (Chord)
Album: Here It Is (2008)
Submitter: mikeflyn (0) on 9/4/08 2 comments
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Capo 2nd Fret

D                     A
She stepped off the airplane

    G                         D
And we drove straight to my house

An hour later we were lying in bed

  G                 D
laughing right out loud

G                    D
We talked about the old times

     G              D
and we made love again

Bm                          A                   G
It'd been so long since my fingers touched her skin

G                   D
And we were so in love back then

     G               D
Why didn't we work out

Hell, I don't know

    A                      G
It don't make sense to me now

And she said tell me you love me

I love you

She said say it again

Oh honey I do

Then Say like you mean it

                    A              G
Like it's in your heart and you believe it

I'm needing to believe it too


G                         D
I loved you when we were innocent

G                          D
I loved you when we were young

    Bm                                  G
I loved you when I was working on the beaches in the sun

   G                 D
I loved you in that run down flat

     G          D
We rented overseas

   Bm               A             G
I love you now so powerfully it brings me to my knees

      Bm                     A                   G
And tonight when your hair falls down around my face

D   A    G
I love you

Verse 2

 D                 A
She got up for a drink

         G                D
Walked naked across the floor

Looked back at me with that playful smile

    G              D
I wanted her once more

G                            D
She poured the wine and we drank it

G                          D
She laid back down on the bed

           Bm                       A
Then she curled up against me and said if you want me

You're gonna have to tell me again        I said...


 G                        D
And the next day at the airport

G            D
I held her close

        Bm        A               G
and I hated like hell to let her go

 D            A           G
but as I did, I quietly said

Chorus (3)

G                          D
I loved you when we were breaking up

 G                          D
When the truth was hard to see

   Bm              A                    G
I love you now so powerfully it still brings me to my knees

           Bm                   A                  G
and last night when your hair fell down around my face

D   A   G
I love you

Hope this is close.  If anyone can improve it, I'll look forward to seeing it 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
you need to take another stab at this man, no capo and those aren't the right chords, but if you want to play it capo 2 you still got some chord mix ups in there...good try though.
-TEJ555 | 9/6/2008
Video shows open chords but this version mostly works although the Bm seems a little off. Maybe try subbing an Em for the Bm. It is not always about duplicating something perfectly but about making it work for you.
-flying2bill | 5/23/2010
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