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Rodney Crowell - Still Learning How To Fly (Chord)
Album: Fate's Right Hand (2003)
Submitter: palamin0 (172) on 6/18/03 1 comment
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Artist: Rodney Crowell
Title: Still learning how to fly
CD: Fates Right Hand
release date:  Aug. 26, 2003
chords by: palamin0 at

Rodney Crowell - Still learning how to fly

Intro - A - Asus - A - Asus

(verse 1)
A           Asus   A                   Asus
The hour is early, the whole world is quiet,
A           Asus                   A    Asus
A beautiful morning is about to ignite,
A              Asus   A                Asus
I'm ready for danger, I'm ready for a fight,
A                Asus                  A    Asus
I"m ready for something to lift me up higher,

D            E
Life's been good I guess, 
My ragged ole heart's been blessed,
D             E                  F#m
With so much more than meets the eye,
        D             E
I got a past I won't soon forget,
You ain't seen nothin yet,
D          E               A   Asus
I'm still learning how to fly,

(verse 2)
A                   Asus
Yet your dreams die hard, 
A                   Asus
With these habits to break,
A                       Asus
You can't let down your gaurd, 
                         A   Asus
When there's so much at stake,

(verse 3)
A                Asus
I'm halfway to heaven,
A          Asus
Halfway to hell,
A                   Asus
But I might throw a seven,
               A   Asus
You never can tell,

D            E
Life's been good it's true,
When I'm feelin just like new,
D             E              F#m
The same old rules need not apply,
            D             E
I've got a past full of sticks and stones,
And a good feelin in my bones,
D          E               A   D-D
I'm still learning how to fly,

E                D-D
I wanna go faster,
E                     A-A
I don't wanna slow down,
D                                       E   D-D
I don't wanna get off of this merry-go-round,
E                  A-D
I wanna be reckless,
E              A-A
I wanna be vain,
D                                    E - A
I wanna make love like a runnaway train,

D            E
Life's been good I'll say,
I'm ten thousand miles ahead,
D          E                F#m
The day I rest is the day I die,
          D             E
I've got past like new broken wings,
But you ain't seen anything,
D          E               C#m - E - F#m
I'm still learning how to fly,
D          E               A
I'm still learning how to fly,

(outro - A - Asus - A - Asus - C#m - D - A)
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Should be Asus4 instead of Asus
Note: Crowell plays this in "G" tuning, two capos up, so the open "G" is an "A".

-eric_steinmetz | 12/15/2003
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