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Rodney Crowell - Still Learning How To Fly (w/ Capo) (Chord)
Album: Fate's Right Hand (2003)
Submitter: twizzle05 (159) on 3/19/05
Month Views: 46 | Total Views: 5,776
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Still Learning How to Fly--Rodney Crowell
written by R. Crowell
From the album FATE'S RIGHT HAND
Palamin0 did a great job with the un-capo'd tab, but this sounds just slightly
better to me (could be my ears, I don't know).  It also avoids F#m and C#m.

Capo II

INTRO: G Cadd9 (4x)

G           Cadd9  G                   Cadd9
The hour is early, the whole world is quiet
G            Cadd9              G        Cadd9
A beautiful morning is about to ignite
G              Cadd9  G               Cadd9
I'm ready for danger, I'm ready for fire
G               Cadd9                  G       Cadd9
I'm ready for something to take me up higher

C           D
Life's been good I guess
My ragged ol' heart's been blessed
C            D                   Em           Em7
With so much more than meets the eye
         C           D
I got a past I won't soon forget
And you ain't seen nothin yet
C           D             G
I'm still learnin how to fly

It's the dreams that die hard, with old old habits to break
You can't let down your guard when there's so much at stake
I'm halfway to heaven, halfway to hell
But I might roll a seven you never can tell


Life's been good it's true
When I'm feeling just like new
The same old rules need not apply
I've got a past full of sticks and stones
And a good feeling in my bones
I'm still learning how to fly

D                C-C
I wanna go faster
D                        G-G
I don't wanna slow down
C                                        D      C-C
I don't wanna get off of this merry-go-round
D                  G-Cadd9
I wanna be reckless
D               G-G
I wanna be vain
C                                D  G
I wanna make love like a runaway train


Life's been good I've said
I'm ten thousand miles ahead
The day I rest is the day I die
I got a past like a broken wing
But you ain't seen anything
C            D            Bm-D-Em
I'm still learning how to fly
C            D            G
I'm still learnin how to fly 
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