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Rodney Crowell - Ridin' Out The Storm 1 (Chord)
Album: Fate's Right Hand (2003)
Submitter: djohnson60 (0) on 12/31/05
Month Views: 18 | Total Views: 2,569
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 Ridin' Out The Storm  
      Rodney Crowell  
     Fate's Right Hand 

 Here is my version of this song.
 Country finger(slowly)
 pick C to G on C chord.
 Don't pic high E string (only at Am).
         Play barred F chord.
Intro: C
(Verse 1)
The New York City winter comes in cold grey sheets of steel
The numbness in his hands and feet is all that he can feel
F                            C
Alcohol and sterno turns a doorway to a bed
                                          G                  Am
And the ghost of who he might have been lives on inside his head

(Verse 2)
In a canyon made of brownstone on a sidewalk icy black
He wanders nearly barefoot with his righteousness in tact
F                             C
A man of many mansions in a cardboard box replete
                                          G                 Am
He lies sleeping with an angel while his heart pretends to beat

(Chorus) Strum to the *
The wind blows down on Lonely Street like an ice pick through the air
Midst the Sunday times, coffee grinds and wino's in Times Square
F                                             *C
Five flights up on Easy Street you know she's safe and warm
 C                                       G             Am
Way down low neath a foot of snow he's riding out the storm

(Verse 3)
I offered him my winter coat politely he refused
Like an educated man he spoke with words I seldom use
F                                     C
He said I don't need pity for these choices are my own
                                      G             Am
He bowed his head just slightly and quietly moved along


(Lead) C

Its not like he's a victim of the homeless life he stalks
Nor helpless to get back across the fine line that he walks
F                               C
Riding out the storm means yesterday's already spent
                                 G                Am
Tomorrow don't mean nothing it won't even make a dent


Ridin out,Ridin out,Ridin out
Ridin out,Ridin out,Ridin out
   (Repeat to fade)
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