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Rodney Crowell - Closer To Heaven (Chord)
Album: Sex and Gasoline (2008)
Submitter: twizzle05 (114) on 8/17/10
Month Views: 37 | Total Views: 6,515
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Closer to Heaven
R. Crowell
Album: Sex And Gasoline (2008)

Key: D
Tabbed 8/17/10

NOTE: In the BRIDGE, I think he shifts from Bm quickly to a Bm/A.  
For space reasons, and because it isn't necessary, I omitted it.  
Plus, I'm not entirely sure that's the correct change.


D                    A
I don't like hummus, I hate long lines
C               G
Nosey neighbors and venetian blinds
D                   A
Chirpy news anchors alter my mood
C                         G
I'm offended by buzzwords like "awesome" and "dude"
D                          A
I look like a train wreck, I feel like a blob
C                       G
'Til you get to know me you may think I'm a snob
        D                A              D
But I'm closer to heaven than I've ever been

I don't eat sushi, I don't smoke grass
I don't wear pajamas, I don't drive fast
I hate idle gossip and tassel shoes
Slick politicians, they give me the blues
I don't ride in limos, I don't play golf
I don't own a rifle that will blow your head
But I'm closer to heaven than I've ever been

SOLO: D  A  C  G  D  A  D

    Bm          D
I'm riding that wave 
     Bm        D
From cradle to grave
    Bm          D
I'm learning to feel
   G            A
My hands on the wheel

I love my friends, I love my wife
Four little babies are the light of my life
I love Sissy Spacek, I love Guy Clark
All the biscuits and gravy I can eat with a fork
I don't wanna be famous, who gives a damn
I just wanna be happy wherever I am
        D                A              Bm      G
And I'm closer to heaven than I've ever been
    D                A               D
I'm closer to heaven than I've ever been

(VERSE chords out)

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