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Reba McEntire - For My Broken Heart (Chord)
Album: Reba #1's (2005)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 9/14/01 1 comment
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Gm 	  	 Dm7 	  	 Cm7 	 Eb/F

Bb                                   Eb/Bb
There were no angry words at all
            Bb                Eb/Bb  	  	 Cm7
As we carried boxes down the hall
                               Eb/F     F               Bb                 
One by one we put them     in your car
Bb                           Eb/Bb
Nothin' much for us to say 
Bb/D                                Eb
One last goodbye and you drove away
                           Gm                  Cm7                        
F7sus           F  
Watched your taillights as they faded in the dark
                 Dm7                             Gm
I couldn't face the night in that lonely bed
        Cm7                          F7sus            
So I laid down on the couch instead

F                   Eb                           F
Last night I prayed the Lord my soul to keep
Dm                      Gm
Then I cried myself to sleep
 Cm7                             Eb/F       F               Bb 	  	 Cm    
So sure life wouldn't go on          without       you
Bb/D        Eb                         F        
But         Lord the sun is blinding me
           D7/F#                    Gm     Gb6 
As it wakes me from the dark
                    Bb/F 	  	  	 F
I guess the world didn't stop
                          Gm                     Dm7 	 Cm7 	 Eb/F
For my broken heart

Verse 2
Clock still tickin' life goes on
Radio still plays a song
As I try to put my scattered thoughts in place
And it takes all the strength I've got
To stumble to the coffee pot
The first of many lonely mornings I have to face
You called to see if I'm O.K.
I look out the window and I just say

Repeat Chorus
Gb6 	  	 Bb/F
Oh I guess the world ain't gonna stop
F 	  	   Gm
For my broken heart
Dm7 	 Cm7 	 Eb/F 	 Bb
Chord Structure :
Gm 	 XX5333 	 Bb 	 XX3331
Dm7 	 XX0211 	 Eb/Bb 	 668886
Cm7 	 X35343 	 F 	 XX3211
Eb/F 	 XX3343 	 Bb/D 	 XX0331
Eb 	 X65343 	 F7sus 	 XX3546
Dm 	 XX0231 	 Gb6 	 2X132X
Bb/F 	 XX3331 
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Nice job on this tab. (Keith Palmer was my husband; he co-wrote this with Liz Hengber.)
-SharonPalmer | 6/27/2004
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