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Randy Rogers Band - Had To Give That Up Too (Chord)
Submitter: gsvar2004 (0) on 5/5/13 5 comments
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This is my first ever chord, i have only been playing guitar for about a year now, and just watched several 
of randy's acoustic you tube videos of this song.

Please be gentle. i know it probably isnt perfect so any critique is greatly appreciated. 

Capo on the 2nd fret

d                                   g  
When i Started drinking it was gin, just one or two every now and then
       bm                           a  
soon i didnt know when to say when, thats when it almost did me in,
g     a    bm   g      a               d 
Kinda like you, had to give that up too

Bm                g                    
I miss the taste, i miss the high
    d                a 
and the way it made, me burn inside
Bm             g 
knock me down, on my knees, 
d                     a
when i loved it more, than it loved me.
g     a    bm   g      a              d    
Kinda like you, had to give that up too

Finally off the ciggerettes, been 3 months i aint lit one yet,
knew i had to put them down, before they put me in the ground, 
kinda like you, had to give that up too.


wish i could have, just one or two
but thats just something, i just cant do
so ive made my peace with what i am, theres just something i just cant have

kinda like you, i had to give that up too. 

Please let me know what you think.

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forgot to add this is played with capo on the 2nd fret
-gsvar2004 | 5/6/2013
Sounds good to me, good job!
-msummers | 5/10/2013
Not bad! Too high for my voice range but it was enough of a start for me to redo it and put it in my range. I'll post mine for example
-papagrizz | 5/21/2013
Sorry Man. Your version didn't show up when I submitted my version. There was still a "request" for it so I did it to get kudos. We both coincidentally got it right.
-christopher_klaus | 6/14/2013
New to this site and thanks for the tabs. I just wanted to put that I am in standard tuning and had to capo 3rd fret and it matched up to the album. It is right on when I did this. Thanks again!
-tnjamie | 5/3/2014
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