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Merle Haggard - Daddy Frank (Chord)
Album: Let Me Tell You About a Song (1972)
Submitter: D-35player (0) on 1/18/06 5 comments
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NOTE*-capo 1rst fret

Daddy Frank played the guitar and the french harp
Sister played the ringing tambourine
Mama couldnt hear our pretty music
        A                                   D
but she read our lips and helped the family sing
That little band was all a part of livin'
        D                           A
and our only means of living at the time
and it wasn't like no normal family combo
      A                              D
cause daddy frank the guitar man was blind

Bm                             D    
Frank and mama counted on each other
      Bm                              D
Their one and only weakness made them strong
G                            D
Mama did the driving for the family
    E7                         A
And Frank made a living with a song
Bm                             D
Home was just a camp along the highway
Bm                                D
A pick-up bed was where we bedded down
G                              D
Don't ever once remember going hungry
    D      G    D       A      D    
I remember mama cooking on the ground          

repeat chorus

Bm 	  	  	       D
Don't remember how they got acquainted
Bm 	  	  	            D
I can't recall just how it came to be
G                                          D
But there had to be some special help from someone
E                                  A
And blessed be the one that let it be
B                              D
Fever caused my mama's loss of hearing
Bm                               D
Daddy Frank was born without his sight
G                                 D
And mama needed someone she could lean on
    D   	 G            D     A          D        
And I believe the guitar man was right        

Key change  1/2 step 

Repeat chorus 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
My first tab......sry bout the chords not lining up in some was my first try. However all the chords are right and it is capo'd 1 fret. let me kno if you disagee with anything or if someone would like the tab for the licks merle uses in between chord changes just let me know
-D-35player | 1/18/2006
If you know the licks, by all means put them up (as a TAB) - I will
fix the alignment of the chords...

-lmofle | 1/18/2006
The problem was you used the TAB key - always use space bar.
-lmofle | 1/18/2006
You have a B chord in the 2nd verse. I may be wrong, but I think it should be a Bm.
-tpmadden | 5/6/2009
When you say 1/2 step key change at the end, what key do you go to? New at this, love this song, any help would be appreciated.
-cwrote | 5/3/2010
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