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Mark Wills - The Balloon Song (Chord)
Album: Loving Every Minute (2001)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (771) on 4/4/18
Month Views: 28 | Total Views: 551
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The Balloon Song
Written by Casey Beathard
Recorded by Mark Wills

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(D) / / / |(D) / / (A)|(D) / / / |(D) / /

I set a (D)friend of mine up on a date
And I told him I'd watch his boy for the day
And (G)we had a ball playin' (A)games, eatin' dogs
Riding (D)rides at the county fair

(A)I thought (D)he was just being a kid
When we got back to my place and he did what he did
On a bal-(G)loon that he won, he wrote (A)mama I had fun
I (D)missed you and I wished you were there

I (Em)wasn't sure what he had in mind (A)
'Til he jumped (Em) up and ran outside (A)

And he let it go, (G) (A) he waved (D) goodbye
Or was it hel-(G)-lo, (A) I don't know but I (D) died inside
I can still see (Bm) his excitement, him (A)pointing and smilin'
When (D)it was gone (Em)as it (F#)could (G) get
He turned and asked (Em) me, (A) "You think it's in heaven yet?h

Solo:  |(D) / / / |(D) / / (A)|(D) / / / |(D) / /

Well I (D)struggled for something to say
I was too choked up and lackin' the kind of faith
He had (G) in his heart be-(A)fore I could start
He (D)walked me back inside

He (D)gave me his Crayola pen
Said, "I bet there's a message that you'd like to send"
And no doubt (G) he was right it's been (A)locked up inside 
Since (D)my grandpa said goodbye

I (Em)took that yellow balloon (A)
And I wrote (Em) ftil I ran out of room (A)

And I let it go (G) (A) and we waved (D) goodbye
That (Em)sev-(F#)en year (G)old, (A) Lord, he opened (D) my eyes
I can still see (Bm) his excitement, him (A)pointing and smilin'
When (D)it was gone (Em)as it (F#)could (G) get
I turned and asked (Em) him, (A) "You think it's in heaven yet?h

Outro.:  |(D) / / / |(D) / / (A)|(D) / / - - - - - 
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