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Little Big Town - Love Profound (Chord)
Album: A Place to Land (Bonus Tracks) (2008)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (596) on 2/20/13
Month Views: 22 | Total Views: 3,728
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Love Profound
Written by Wayne Kirkpatrick
Recorded by Little Big Town

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  |(G) |(G) |(C) |(C) |(G) |(G) |(C) |(C) ---

Our (G)love knows no (C)limits
And our (G)love knows no (C)bounds
Hear it (G)ring through the hills and (C)canyons
(D)Isn't love pro-(G)found |(G) |(C) |(C)

It (D)shows us the (C)life that we (Bm)know we can live (C)
It (D)teaches us (C)how to for-(Bm)get and forgive (C)
It (Bm)gives us the (C)harvest from (Bm)sweet mercy fields (C)
It (Bm)rescues, it (C)nurtures, it (Am)calms and it heals (D)

'Cause our (G)love knows no (C)limits
And our (G)love knows no (C)bounds
Oh, it con-(G)founds the wisest of (C)sages
(D)Isn't love pro-(G)found |(G) |(C) |(C)

Oh, it (D)sings when we're (C)weary from (Bm)so many tears (C)
And (D)rocking us (C)gently it (Bm)cradles our fears (C)
In those (Bm)times when we (C)feel like we've (Bm)come to our (C)end 
It (Bm)gives us the (C)strength to start (Am)over again (D)

'Cause our (G)love knows no (C)limits
And our (G)love knows no (C)bounds
It will (G)stand even tried by fire (C)
(D)Isn't love pro-(G)found

Inst.:  / / / |(G) |(C) |(C) |(G) |(G) |(C) |(C) |
        |(A7) |(A7) |(C) |(C) |(A7) |(A7) |(C) |(D)

Our love (G) knows no (C)limits
And our love (G) knows no (C)bounds
Hear it ring (G) through the hills and (C)canyons 
(D)Isn't love pro-(G)found?

Yeah, (C) baby, isn't love pro-(G)found, (C) oh yeah (G) (C)
O-(G)oh, (C)yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, (G)yeah (C)
Baby, isn't love pro-(G)found |(G) |(C) |(C) | (G) -----
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