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Little Big Town - I'm With The Band (capo) (Chord)
Album: A Place to Land (2007)
Submitter: thedrummer (1) on 7/24/08
Month Views: 17 | Total Views: 5,193
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I'm With The Band
Little Big Town
chorded by thedrummer


 A  Asus  A - Asus

(A)  (Asus)   (A)   (Asus)   
Last night in Memphis
(A)  (Asus)    (A)    (Asus)
Tonight in New Orleans
(A)  (Asus)      (A)        (Asus)    
Tomorrow I'll be miles from here
      (G)              (D)       (A) (Asus) (A)  (Asus)  
Ain't nothin' to me, nothin' to me

(A)   (Asus)     (A)  (Asus)
Sweet gypsy highway
(A)         (Asus)         (A)    (Asus)
Won't you let me chase my dream
(A)           (Asus)       (A)     (Asus)
'Cause I gotta song to take me there
          (G)                 (D)          (A)   (Asus)
And it's somethin' to see, somethin' to see

(G)                      (D)           (A)  
Lord, I was born with a suitcase in my hand
(G)                    (D)            (A)   
Livin' in a life that few could understand
(G)                      (D)
Sometimes it gets so confusin'
(D/F#)            (A)      (G)
That I don't know where I am
But I always know who I'm with

I'm with the band

 A  G  D/F# - A  G  D/F# - A  G  D/F# - A  G  D/F#

(A)      (Asus)    (A)      (Asus)     (A)     (Asus)

(A)      (Asus)    (A)      (Asus)
Cheap whiskey midnight
(A)       (Asus)        (A)     (Asus)
Another round with my friends
(A)            (Asus)           (A)    (Asus)    
Watchin' the world through the windshield
          (G)              (D)          (A)     (Asus)
And we're rollin' again, rollin' again

(Repeat Chorus)
Pre Solo
A - G- D/F# - A  G  D/F#

During Solo
G  D  A  G  D  A  G  D- D  G


(Repeat Intro and 1st Verse, end song on A) 
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