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Little Big Town - Good Lord Willing (Chord)
Album: A Place to Land (Bonus Tracks) (2008)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (1103) on 3/13/09
Month Views: 62 | Total Views: 10,664
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Good Lord Willing 
Recorded by Little Big Town

Intro.:  | (Em) (G) | (Am)   |  x times

(Em)Long (G) (Am) about (Em)mid-(G)night (Am)
(Em)up (G) (Am) on Chigger (Em)Hill (G) (Am)
Making (Em)mis-(G) (Am)chief in the (Em)moonlight (G) (Am)
just (Em)looking(G) (Am) for a (Em)thrill (G) (Am)

Then the (Em)lights are coming (G)on and they're (Am)flashing blue
and they're (Em)running and they're (G)gunning after (Am)you-know-who
(Em)Grinding out the (G)gears in my (Am)pickup truck
(Bm)trying to get away so we (D)dont get busted

(A)Flying (E)90 miles an hour (A)like a (E)wild bat out of hell
Singing (A)halle-(E)lujah with a rebel (D)yell (C#m)
(A)Dancing (E)with a little danger, (A)fast and (E)hard I'm gonna ride
(A)Praying (E)I'm just gonna make it out a-(D)live (C#m)
(Em)Good lord (G)willing and the (Am)creek don't rise (Em) (G) (Am)
(Em)Good lord (G)willing and the (Am)creek don't rise (Em) (G) (Am)

Inst.:  | (Em) (G) | (Am)   |  x 4

(Em)Long (G) (Am) about (Em)sun-(G)rise (Am)
cuddled (Em)up (G) (Am) with Audra (Em)May (G) (Am)
She never (Em)said (G) (Am) she had a (Em)boy-(G)friend (Am)
Oh (Em)boy, (G) it's (Am)me who's going to (Em)pay (G) (Am)

'Cause he's (Em)standing out the (G)window and he's (Am)starting mad
looking (Em)like I might have (G)stolen every-(Am)thing he had
(Em)Red-faced, (G)cussing, yeah he's (Am)blowing a fuse
(Bm)tough luck brother, when you (D)snooze you lose

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  | (Em) (G) | (Am)   | (Em) (G) | (Am)   |
        | (Em) (G) | (Am)   | (Bm)   | (D)   | (D)   |

Repeat Chorus

(Em)Good lord (G)willing and the (Am)creek don't rise (Em) (G) (Am)
  x  7 times
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