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Little Big Town - Everything Changes (Chord)
Album: Little Big Town (2002)
Submitter: jdomary (15) on 12/5/03
Month Views: 25 | Total Views: 4,160
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Little Big Town

Everything Changes

Tabbed by: jdomary

Capo I

G     C              D            
I saw you before you saw me
        C              G
Yeah it really took me back
      C                     D     C   
Can't believe how long it's been
G        C              D
Took you awhile to recognize me
C          G
Oh imagine that
        C                  D
When we were so close back then
Am          D
No, nothing stays the same
Am          D              C
Love, oh it slips away, it slips away

G          D       Am         C
Everything changes doesn't it baby
G    D       Am       C
It's amazing how time flies
G           D        Am    C
Turning the pages of yesterday
   G      D           Am    C
In only a blink of an eye
           G   D  Am  C              G   D  Am  C
Everything ch---an---ges, everything ch---an---ges

Somewhere I still have a pictures
You wee in that party dress
I remember dancing slow
Thought those days would last forever
How soon we forget
And how far away they go
No,nothing stays the same
Love,oh it fades away,it fades away


C  G/B    Am      G/B    C               
We try to hold it in our hands
    G/B        Am           G/B       C
But love falls through like grains of sand
    G/B      Am        G/B       C       
One day it's there and then it's gone

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