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Kenny Chesney - Out Last Night (Chord)
Album: Greatest Hits II (2009)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (601) on 4/2/09 11 comments
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Out Last Night (Single)
Recorded by Kenny Chesney
Album: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 

(Capoo on 2)

Intro.:  | (G)  | (G)  | (C)  | (C)  |  x 2

We went (G)out last night like we (C)swore we wouldn't do
Drank too much (G)beer last night, a lot (C)more than we wanted to
There were (C)girls from Argentina and (D)Arkansas, (C)Maine, Alabama and (D) Panama
(C)All mixed together and (D)havin' a ball

Yeah, we went (C)out (D)last (Em)night, one thing started leadin' to another
(C)Out (D)last (Em)night, getting to know everybody and their mother
There were (C)two karaoke girls (D)drunk on a dare
(C)Singin' "I Got You Babe" by (D)Sonny and Cher
Yeah, (C)life was good every-(D)where, we went out last (G)night | (G)  | (C)  | (C)

Well you know I'm a (G)music man, I grew up in (C)east Tennessee
Last night I was (G)everything when I (C)got a few drinks in me
I was a (C)doctor, a lawyer, a (D)senator's son, (C)Brad Pitt's brother and a (D)man on the run
(C)Anything I thought would (D)get the job done

Yeah we went (C)out (D)last (Em)night, one thing started leading to another
(C)Out (D)last (Em)night, getting to know everybody and their mother
There were (C)people doing body shots (D)up on the bar
(C)Jimmy in a fist fight (D)out by the car
Every-(C)body was some kind of (D)star when we went out last (G)night

Well the (D)fact that I'm still breathin' means that (C)I must have survived
And (D)that I lived to go out with my (Am)friends again to-(D)night

Oh, We went (C)out (D)last (Em)night, one thing started leadin' to another
(C)Out (D)last (Em)night, everybody started loving on each other
They were (C)dancing on the tables and (D)howlin' at the moon
(C)Pairing up together and (D)pretty soon
(C)There was not a sole in (D)sight, when we went out last night

Outro.:  | (G)  | (G)  | (C)  | (C)  |  x times and fade 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Good job, sounds right on
-philipabernathy | 4/9/2009
Kenny's first legitimate country song in years. Thank God!
-dantheman85x | 4/24/2009
That's why it so good LOL. Although I do like Kennys other stuff as well.
-jhempel24 | 4/28/2009
Great tab. only i believe the C in the bridge is actually an Am i'll still give a 5 though

-BrianEarlHaines | 5/11/2009
Thanks for the chords - Could someone help a beginner out with the strum pattern??
-bowti69 | 5/11/2009
My ear isn't so good, but it sounds like he's singing a Db in the chorus.
With the capo on 2, then wouldn't the first chord in the chorus be a Cm7 instead of the C?
I tried playing it both ways and the m7 sounds like it works to me.
-gsg_60 | 5/13/2009
Hi, bowti69! Thanks for your comment. Yes, Kenny starts the chorus with the real note of Db, while the band plays the chord in D where bassist plays D and Guitarists play D, F# and A. Itfs not so unnatural to use Db note on D chord. Thatfs major 7th. If you feel uncomfortable to do so, you can use C#m7 chord (Bm7 chord with the capo on 2).
-Koichi Kondo | 5/14/2009
Thanks for the explaination - very interesting. I think I'll just play the D instead of the m7- it just seems more natural. Great song and tab too!
-gsg_60 | 5/15/2009
Good song, Good tab. But the lyrics in the chorus are "Hittin' on everybody and their mother", not "getting to know everybody and their mother"
-goinesms | 6/3/2009
the chord should be an Em on the part where it says "there were girls from argentina....." other than that seems to be pretty accurate.
-pooreboy | 6/19/2009
and if you are playing in an open G and open C chord you might want to try the G9 and C9 insted. Sounds better!
-pooreboy | 6/19/2009
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