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Kenny Chesney - Beer In Mexico (Chord)
Album: The Road and the Radio (2005)
Submitter: Shantel (65) on 11/10/05 1 comment
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Beer In Mexico - Kenny Chesney
Album: The Road And The Radio

Intro:  D   D
        D   D/F#  G  (x2)

D                   D/F#
Starin out into the wild blue yonder 
So many thoughts to sit and ponder 
       D                    D/F#
About life and love and the lack of 
And this emptiness in my heart

D              D/F#
Too old to be wild and free still 
Too young to be over the hill should 
D                  D/F#                G
Try to grow up but who knows where to start 

              D                 D/F#                  G
So I'll just sit right here and have another beer in Mexico 
D              D/F#          G
Do my best to waste another day 
D                   D/F#                 G
Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico 
        Em       A                  D   D/F#  G
Let the warm air melt these blues away 

D            D/F#   
Sun comes up sun sinks down and I've
Seen them both in this tourist town 
D                  D/F#       G
Up for days in the rain just trying to search my soul 
D                           D/F#
For all the answers and the reasons why 
I'm at this crossroads in my life, and I
D                D/F#         G
Really dont know which way to go 


D   D/F#  G

           Em           D/F#
Maybe I'll settle down, get married or 
G                D/F#
Stay single and stay free 
Em         D/F#           G       A
Which road I'll travel is still a mystery to me 

         D   D/F#  G
Down in Mexico 

D  D/F#  G  (keep repeating to end) 
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Sounds good. Thanks!
-keldog28 | 11/10/2005
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