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Kenny Chesney - Because Of Your Love(recorded Key) (Chord)
Album: Greatest Hits (2000)
Submitter: john_wagnon (0) on 5/14/04 5 comments
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Because of Your Love
Kenny Chesney” Greatest Hits CD”

In the key of E with capo on 2nd fret make the following changes
does not sound as nice but easier to play


F#  = E        Abm = F#m
C#  = B or B7  A   = G
B   = A        E   = D
Ebm = Cm


All chords are bar type except E                       	  	 

Intro:  F#  C#  B  C#

F#               C#             
Baby,  I  don’t understand 
B                 Ebm                Abm                
how just the touch of your hand  can make me feel 
F#                C#                              
Do you  know just where you take me? 
B               Ebm
Do you know how high you make me?
    Abm                   C#
I need your kiss  like  oxygen.
A               B                           
With your arms warm around me,
A                    E                   A
when your eyes look deep into me it’s unstoppable.
Baby,  anything is possible.

F#             C#            
Everything I wanna be, 
Ebm          B          F#                C#
any dream I wanna dream I can because of your love.
Ebm         C#        
Anywhere I ever go,
 F#             B            Abm     F#    E             C#
with all of my heart I know I am the man I am (the man I am)
         F#              C#
Because of your love.

F#                 C#                      
Don’t  know how I lived before you, 
B          Ebm              Abm                    C#
now I live to explore you.  Take me girl to your secret world,
F#                        C#                          
Where I can swim in your deep blue passion,
B                    Ebm
where I can feel you love come crashing
Abm         C#
Over me, endlessly.
A                B                           
Whether you’re right by my side,
A              E                 A
or whether you I are a million miles apart , 
I can always feel you in my heart.


Break  F#  C#  B  Ebm  Abm  C#

Repeat Chorus

Outtro  F#  C#  Ebm  B  F#  C#

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I didn't have time to list the chords so here they are:
F# 244322 Ebm x68876
C# x46664 Abm 466444
B x24442 E 022100
A 577655

Some people find bar chords hard, but they have a nice full sound where applicable. The C# and B can be made using the index and ring finger with a little practice. I like to play along with the recording therefore I tab almost all my stuff in the recorded key. enjoy, johnw

-john_wagnon | 5/15/2004
You can put those chord fingerings onto the actual
tab by using the edit button.
-heyitskane | 5/16/2004
Thanks, heyitskane done ,didn't know I could
do that.
-john_wagnon | 5/16/2004
if you listen to the recording you can hear some open strings ringing... it is recorded with the strings tuned down 1/2 step = instead of starting on an F# start on a G and your strings are tuned as

i don't kno how it sounds in the key you have it in... but if you want to play it like the recording tune all the strings down :)

-golf513 | 6/28/2005
if you tune a guitar a 1/2 step down it D#G#C#F#A#D# not what you said
-bigroid | 4/3/2009
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