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Kenny Chesney - All The Pretty Girls (Chord)
Album: Cosmic Hallelujah (2016)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (772) on 7/29/17 1 comment
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All the Pretty Girls
Written by Nicolle Galyon, Tommy Lee James & Josh Osborne
Recorded by Kenny Chesney

(Capo on 4)

Intro: |(G)(D)|(A)(Bm)|(G)(D)|(A)(D)| x 2

(G)All the pretty (D)girls said (A)pick me up at (Bm)eight
(G)All the pretty (D)girls said I'm (A)going to L.(D)A.
All (G) the pretty (D)girls said I (A)hate my (Bm)hair
(G)Talking to the (D)mirror in their (A)underwear (D)

Solo: |(G)(D)|(A)(Bm)|(G)(D)|(A)(D)|

(G)All the lost (D)boys said I (A)just got (D)paid
(G)All the lost (D)boys said I (A)wanna get (D)laid
When the (G)town goes (D)blue and the (A)lights blink (Bm)red
All the (G)lost boys (D)do what all the (A)pretty girls (D)said

Ifm (G) home for the (D)summer, (A)Shoot out the (Bm)lights
(G)Don't blow my (D)cover, oh I'm (A)free to-(D)night
(G)I'm coming (D)over, (A)call all your (Bm)friends
(G)Somebody (D)hold me all the (A)pretty girls (D)said

(D)All of the whiskey went to my head
Shut up and kiss me all the pretty girls said - - -

Solo: |(G)(D)|(A)(Bm)|(G)(D)|(A)(D)|

(G)All the sheriffs (D)said kid you (A)better slow (Bm)down
(G)All the preachers (D)said it's the (A)devils play-(D)ground
I (G)wonder if they (D)knew they were (A)wasting their (Bm)breath
(G)All I ever (D)heard was all the (A)pretty girls (D)said

Repeat Chorus & Bridge

Solo: |(G)(D)|(A)(Bm)|(G)(D)|(A)(D)| x 2

(G)All the seven-(D)teens said I'm (A)getting outta (Bm)dodge
(G)All the big (D)dreams said I'm (A)selling all I (D)got
All (G) the high (D)rollers busy (A)placing their (Bm)bets
(G)Me, I'm heading (D/F#)south cause all the (A)pretty girls - - - (G) said

Repeat Chorus & Bridge

Outro: |(G)(D)|(A) All the (Bm)pretty girls |(G) said (D)|(A)(D)|            
       |(G)(D)|(A)(Bm)|(G)(D)|(A)(D) - - - - - 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I really dig this song. Very raw and non-bro!!! Love me some KC!
-WildCard76 | 7/31/2017
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