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Keith Urban - Everybody (Chord)
Album: Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing (2006)
Submitter: guitarnut1 (5) on 2/26/11
Month Views: 64 | Total Views: 7,406
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I've seen this charted with major chords in the intro and and verses. 
To my ear, the song has a slightly darker feel or dissonance than 
major chords allow. Check out the Sound Bite. The D5 and Dmaj7 really make this happen. 
The D string should stay open thru all of the D5-Dmaj7 exchanges. 
This is where the slight dissonance comes from. Also, watch for the G6 
chord in the verses. It leaves the high E string open to add to the darker feel.

The little triplet lick between phases of both the intro and verses is open A string, 
hammer to 2nd fret, open D string.

I use a cadd9 in the bridge instead of C...just sounds a bit fuller. 
Something else worth pointing out is the chord exchange over the vocal 
vamp at the end of the bridge. It sticks in G. It's an odd occurance 
musically, but the transition out of the bridge from A to Em works 
beaitfully. Well written in my opinion and off the beaten path.

I play the D5 by barring the G and B strings, second fret with my 
index finger and adding my middle finger on the B string 3rd fret. 
Then just lifting the middle finger takes me from D5 to Dmaj7. My 
index finger  mutes the high E string thru the whole don't 
want it ringing out. I finger pick using my thumb on the open A string 
and middle finger on the B string. The G 2nd fret and open D string 
are sort of brushed in the process...not really dominant but there. 

Notice at the end of the song, I've noted D5-Dmaj7 (toggle)... 
there's an undulating keyboard part at the end of the song that can be 
mimicked by just toggling between the 2 chords.

How the ending plays out really depends on which version you're listening 
to...all the pieces are here. Just rearrange as needed.


D5 	  	 X0023X
Dmaj7 	  	 X0022X
G6 	  	 320030
Cadd9 	  	 X32033
G 	  	 320033
Em 	  	 022000
D 	  	 XX0232
Bm 	  	 X24432
A 	  	 X03330

D5          Dmaj7    D5         Dmaj7     G6  (x2)

D5          Dmaj7    D5         Dmaj7    
So here you are now, nowhere to turn

It's just the same old yesterday

D5             Dmaj7         D5         
And you made a promise to yourself

           Dmaj7          G6
That you were never gonna be this way

       D5    Dmaj7             D5    Dmaj7      G
And the only thing that you've ever known is to run

       D5    Dmaj7     D5      Dmaj7    G6
So you keep on driving faster into the sun

Em                        G         D
Cause everybody needs somebody sometimes

           En             G         D           G
Yeah, everybody needs somebody sometimes.........

    D5            Dmaj7     D5      Dmaj7 
You don't have to find your own way out

You gotta voice, let it be heard

D5           Dmaj7              D5      Dmaj7 
Just when it feels you're on a dead end road

There's always somewhere left to turn

         D5      Dmaj7     
So don't give up now

          D5         Dmaj7     G6
You're so close to a brand new day, yes you are

           Bm               A   
And if you just can bear to be alone

I'll stay

Em                        G         D
Cause everybody needs somebody sometimes

           Em             G         D
Yeah, everybody needs somebody sometimes

      Cadd9        G                D
Well, maybe I been too caught up to see

                                   Cadd9          G
What you've been going through and all that I can say is

         Em    G     G      A   G  A
I'm here now.......  Oooooh 


         Em             G         D
And everybody needs somebody sometimes

           Em             G         D
Yeah, everybody needs somebody sometimes

     Em         G             D
Everybody needs somebody sometimes

A little left to save

     Em             G       D               Em
Everybody needs somebody some...............times

G      D             Em      G
   Oh, Hoooooooo  Yeahahhhh    Don't you know you,

Gotta have someone beside you

D                            Em    G    
Gotta have someone beside youuuuu, Ohhhh

Yes, ya do, yes, ya do, Hey

     Em          G            D5-Dmaj7 (toggle)
Everybody, needs somebody sometimes

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