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Keith Urban - Days Go By (Solo)
Album: Be Here (2004)
Submitter: mooman2679 (3) on 2/5/05 7 comments
Month Views: 21 | Total Views: 8,859
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There might be to many pull-offs or not enough at the end, but you can figure that out

This begins after the chorus, the first part is the same little lead lick
that goes through the song.

I changed this and put in in a different position, sounds better this way and is easier...i'll
add the sound byte for this too..


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Close but the main riff is wrong. Use my tab of perfect riff for that part and it should sound a lil bit better.

O yea and Keith plays this higher up on the fretboard. I used to have the tab of this with both versions but it got deleted. Dont know why????
-KU_isbestever | 2/6/2005
I did have it up higher on the fret board, and a soundbyte, but i changed it. I find it easier this way.

My main rift sounds pretty much right with the song...It might be in a different position but i think it is mostly right
-mooman2679 | 2/6/2005
i dont think the slide up to 9 sounds quite right. It sounds just a lil bit off.
-KU_isbestever | 2/6/2005
it sounds better the other way
-jdbrandon22 | 2/10/2005
lemme sugestion putin one more higher note in there I think thats what he did on the crossroads or I did itd still sounds alright I think its like 14 on the high e I'm not to sure try that
-jdgreen06 | 2/22/2005
On crossroads he played the pulloffs differently.
-KU_isbestever | 3/3/2005
Doesn't he play a different solo on crossroads than on the cd

-BlackFire411VM | 3/7/2005
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