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Keith Urban - Days Go By (correct Intro) (Intro)
Album: Be Here (2004)
Submitter: tayball89 (0) on 9/16/04 22 comments
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Artist: Keith Urban
Song: Days Go By (intro)
Album: Be Here

From watching the video, this is what Keith seems to be playing

Capo 7th fret

      G                 C9             G                     C9
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No offense but i think its a lot more complicated than that. I keep watching the video over and over and I cant make out what hes doing cause the video quality isnt the greatest. If anyone knows where i can buy the exact tabbing for this song please email me at
-srogers312 | 9/25/2004
just went and watched the video again to triple check... definately no slides in the intro man, sorry
-tayball89 | 9/25/2004
does any one have the tab for "country comfort" off his new album or deos anyone know where to find it?
-guitarplayer456 | 9/27/2004
I think you nailed it!
I'm playing along with Keith and its exact!
Great job on the intro, now if we can just
find the exact rest of the song! thanks
-0697pat | 10/6/2004
This may be a stupid question. I haven't seen the video but those chords look
like somethin that needs to be fingerpicked. Is that correct?
-fredwhall | 10/9/2004
I play it with a pick, as does Keith if I am remembering correctly... so you it doesn't need to be fingerpicked
-tayball89 | 10/10/2004
he does fingerpick the into but picks the song
-crazed4easha | 10/11/2004
This might help when you cappo make the chord shape with your fingers, middle finger on E string 10th fret (capoed 3) and ring finger B 10th fret (capoed 3) then strum once, move your pointer to the 2nd fret then move your pinky finger to 4th fret (on G) then Ring to 2 and so forth then two C etc... Then the chords are posted somewhere else. And if you want you can strum this while making the changes it sounds descent if you dont wanna pick

(-------)7th Fret Capo
-jsamtc | 10/11/2004
i messed up he does us a pick my bad but
i do have a correction and the other part of the intro

G C9 G C9

G C9 G C9

speed up to the speed of the song



-crazed4easha | 10/13/2004
the fast part is also the riff played after each chorus

-crazed4easha | 10/13/2004
There is a pretty good video of him doing it acoustically here:

-matellmon | 11/13/2004
EXCELLENT work guys!!!!

Now is there any way we could go more in depth on the rest of the song? The intro is DEAD on...thanks!
-d83ds | 11/21/2004
the intro is exact. Could you tab the rest of the song PLEASE!
-beau325 | 12/21/2004
This is the right tab for this song. It is exactly how he plays it and who cares if its to complicated Urban is not an easy guitar play who ever trashes this is dumb. You should also quit guitar if you trash the tab
-GnLtelecaster | 1/1/2005
Sorry, dude, but that is really wrong. I have some huge advice. Go 2 and buy the song for about 3 or 4 bucks. I played it and it sounds very correct.
-daveguitarist90 | 1/24/2005
The Intro is not fingerpicked. He plays with a pick. If you have winamp, check out the AOL sessions video with Keith Urban by clicking on Media Library and then click on videos.
-jla3s | 1/27/2005
If you want to see what he's playing, the best I've found on the net is an in-studio perfrmance on AOL: and search for Keith Urban, then click Audio/Video
-TSSpheren | 2/8/2005
this may sound like a dumb question but how the hell can u capo on the 7th fret if the 3 frets and frets the top have to be played like on the tab?
-drewyor24 | 6/3/2005
ya well this tab is waaaaay wrong ive seen the music video and it aint nothing like that

-Adam223 | 8/2/2005
f**kin right

-faggy1 | 12/3/2005
On CMT the days go by video, when he is playing the Acostic he is down at the ninth feret right!
-DanielStaggs | 12/20/2005
This is right on. Ive seen him play it multiple times and this is right. He strums it when he plays it, its not picking. There is some isolated strumming on the A, G, and D strings at the end of the intro but when he really gets the riff going when the drums come in, its a full on stum excluding the E strings. Great Job.
-fccowboy15 | 5/18/2011
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