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Keith Urban - Days Go By (acoustic Version) (Chord)
Album: Be Here (2004)
Submitter: palamin0 (201) on 9/17/04 43 comments
Month Views: 104 | Total Views: 86,154
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Artist: Keith Urban
Title: Days go by
cd: (2004) BE Here
chords by: palamin0 at

***   This is live version as well as the alternate studio version...and is how
he plays it acoustically in the verses some of you will argue that the GM7add11
is suppose to be an isn't...***

b>CAPO 7th FRET/b>

Intro - G - C - G - C = 2x's

(verse 1)
G                      G7Madd11
I'm changing lanes and talkin' on the phone 
        G/B          Am7
Drivin' way too fast
         G                       G7Madd11
And the interstate's jammed with gunners like me
          G/B        Am7
Afraid of coming in last
Am                              C/B 
But somewhere in the race we run
We're coming undone

And days go by
I can feel em' flying 
       G/B                         C
Like a hand out the window in the wind
The cars go by
Yeah it's all we've been given
       G/B                        C
So you better start livin' right now
              G - C - G -  C
Cause days go by

(verse 2)
G                G7Madd11
Out on the roof just the other night
              G/B           Am7
I watched the world flash by
  G                    G7Madd11
Headlights, taillights running through a river
   G/B       Am7
Of neon signs
Am                              C/B 
But somewhere in the rush I felt
We're losing ourselves

And days go by
I can feel em flying 
       G/B                         C
Like a hand out the window in the wind
To cars go by
Yeah it's all we've been given
       G/B                        C
So you better start livin' right now
              G - C - G - C
Cause days go by
                  G - C - G
Yeah the days go by

D                                C
We think about tomorrow then it slips away, oh yes it does
D                               Am7  G/B    C
We talk about forever but we've only got today

And the days go by
I can feel em flying 
Like a hand out the window 
As the cars go by
G           Am7
  Yeah it's all we've been given
       G/B                       C
So you better start livin', you better start livin'
You better start livin' right now

And days go by
I can feel em flying 
       G/B                         C
Like a hand out the window in the wind
The cars go by
Yeah it's all we've been given
       G/B                        C
So you better start livin' right now
              G - C - G - C
Cause days go by
                  G - C - G -  C
yea these days go by

So take em by the hand 
And yours in mine
Take them by the hand 
And live your life 
Take them by your hand 
C                       G
Don't let your life fly by  
          C          G-G-G - C-C-C - G-G-G - C-C-C
Come on, Come on now                      yea ohhh
G-G-G - C-C-C                    G   Am  C/G - C - D - G
             Don't you know the days go by 

****This soundbyte that can be downloaded above is just a rough, rough version 
thrown together in less than an hour which I also took advantage of learning 
some new studio software....also I've only been playing  mandolin about 3 weeks
so you mandolin masters please be nice I'm still learning and the vocals 
are real rough as well so keep in mind the soundbyte is a guide I left out all 
the fancy fills  to allow beginners to hear the chord structure*****

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
what GB chord and Am7 chord is bein played?
-CM129688 | 9/20/2004
what is C/B please?
-saxxman | 9/23/2004
The Gm7add11 sounds great!! Howd you figure that out¿¿??
and when not using a capo is there another chord to play in
place of the Em7 when you play the Gm7add11??
-KU_isbestever | 10/12/2004
Actually the the progression without the capo does go to the Em7
but the Em7 is played:
Em7 - 020030...
I haven't looked at any others so I don't
know others played the Em7...hope that helps:)
-palamin0 | 10/13/2004
Great job! I love this song!
-dragonstar | 10/17/2004
wow you gotta listen to that soundbyte!..Ken can you do the intro and do a soundbyte for it mate...your got my interest:-)
-WayneXG95 | 11/14/2004
Thanks Wayne I added the mandolin in the intro along
with the guitar lick with just a little chorus effect added
to the mandolin..
-palamin0 | 11/14/2004
I'm with Wayne...Ken, that is an
awesome tab and soundbyte..Rick
-browntrout | 11/14/2004
Thanks Rick I really aprriciate that you guys are the best...thanks
-palamin0 | 11/14/2004
hello, I am very new at guitar, let alone mandolin. can the mandolin part be played on a guitar and still sound convincing?
-lutherie | 11/15/2004
yes if you listen to the soundbyte above as well as the original recording the mandolin just compliments the guitar lick.
-palamin0 | 11/15/2004
how do i get the soundbyte?
-ut4ever8 | 11/17/2004
at the top where it says on the icon that has the down-arrow and then it will download to your hd..
-palamin0 | 11/18/2004
That's brilliant Ken! Great tab and soundbyte. :)
-axehappy | 11/19/2004
Yup, thats deffinatly a cat...
-CountryRocks | 11/25/2004
Maybe a dog...but I'm not sure
-CountryRocks | 11/25/2004
Ok I must be absolutely retarded. I cant find the soundbyte anywhere. I even did a search of the page for the word soundbyte and I cant find it. Can anyone stick a link in or something... or send it to my email at cause i would love to hear it.
-srogers312 | 11/30/2004
At the top of the page'll see

Band: Keith Urban
Song: Days Go By (acoustic Version) [Chord]
Submitter: palamin0
Rating: 10
Sound Byte: Listen(speaker icon) Download (hd icon)
Rated by: axehappy, matellmon, WayneXG95
-palamin0 | 11/30/2004
Nah I dont see it. Maybe its cause i don't have a membership or something. I'll just have to wait till my mom will let me use her card ;)

-- Steven
-srogers312 | 12/2/2004
Love the Tab love the sound bit. I can't play it a clear as you but I'm workin on it. If you look at all the versions of this song on this site alone and all the trash talking that goes on. It's nice to see someone who says here is how i play it. Take listen and let the guitar do all the talk'in. Nice work.
-keleem | 12/15/2004
Good comment "keleem" nice to see some common sence creep in occasionally
-WayneXG95 | 12/17/2004
I would appreciate it a lot if someone could email the soundbyte at I'm not a member and I can't access it. Thanks a lot.
-redneckonthenet | 12/24/2004
can someone please email the soundbite to you
-dloeb | 1/4/2005
Does anyone have the mandolin tabbed out to this?
-Kebordking | 1/17/2005
Palamino, can you email me the strum pattern for this. Thanks. Awesome sound byte.
-celliott112 | 1/25/2005
what software are you using to record this soundbyte....i'm due for an update, and am thinking about getting Cakewalk Guitar Pro 3. Just curious if thats what your using

-dwm376s | 2/1/2005
Im using SOnar 4 Producer Edition I had just gotten it so there were some kinks in it a little bit distorted in some places...

Cakewalk is a great product...I have the Guitar Studio but have never used it.
-palamin0 | 2/7/2005
Awsome job tabbing and the sounds bite sounds GREAT!!!
-firemedic1975 | 2/18/2005
sounds great anyway you can tab out the intro im not seeming to get the picking part down...thanks
-WALKER8527 | 3/18/2005
I was watching him play it on AOL and it seems like
he is playing Cadd9 instead of just C. I might be wrong
but it looks like he is playing the G as 300023 and then hitting Cadd9 with 032030. I sounds a little better I think!

The intro is simplified as (capo 7):

E 3---------------------
A 0--------------3-3-3-3
D 0----------2-0-2-2-0-2
G 0h2-2-4-2-0----------0
B 0---------------------
e 3---------------------

just play it twice
-gmanontheradio | 3/19/2005
could someone e-mail me the soundbyte to
-jswright86 | 5/10/2005
me to i cant find it
would really appreciate it
-pocapocadots | 5/14/2005
me 3 at
-bull_rider01 | 5/19/2005

Love your work Palamino...You're a great tabber.
-uhhuh | 7/3/2005
it is crap
-pamal | 7/9/2005
me i caint find it either.
-cpova2 | 7/17/2005
Ken, can't help but notice on all these soundbytes the load of crap that you write at the bottom. Quit apologizing for your talent. They sound excellent and I like the harmony on this one. Keep it up, bro.

-cmtboy | 7/20/2005
-PNH_fan | 8/4/2005

-PNH_fan | 8/4/2005
I am just wondering what is the stumming motion? Exm.(V^V^, or VV^V)
-biggtexas | 10/8/2005

Great work on this..! I reackon Keith would give you a good handshake for the justice you do his work... You've got a great voice too...!!

A big fan of your work, keep it up...

-aussie_gal | 12/7/2005
Excellent job man nice sound to it, I like it alot, Keith is a great guitar player.
Keep it country, Peace!
-madtabber | 12/13/2005
Psh, that soundbite isn't bad at all. I was expecting some half-hearted newbie crap. That was actually pretty good. Not perfect, sure. But a few years more and you could at least be indie pro, if not pro with the right connections.
-BoredUltimatum | 4/9/2011
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