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Keith Urban - Country Comfort (Chord)
Album: Be Here (2004)
Submitter: Coopersize (3) on 10/1/04 5 comments
Month Views: 32 | Total Views: 13,425
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Country Comfort
Keith Urban
Tabbed By: Tyler Pritz


D-0--0----0----0----0----0-----3----3--0h2--2p0---0--0-| x2

Verse 1:
 	  G                          C
Soon the pines will be falling everywhere 
         Am                   F            D
Village children fight each other for a share 
 	  G                          C
And the 6:09 goes roaring past the creek 
       Am                  C              G
Deacon Lee prepares his sermon for next week 

Verse 2:
      G                              C
I saw grandma yesterday down at the store 
           Am                F            D
Well she's really going fine for eighty four 
          G                                C
Well she asked me if sometime I'd fix her barn 
         Am               C                G
Poor old girl she needs a hand to run the farm 

           C               D             G
And it's good old country comfort in my bones 
            C              D               G
Just the sweetest sound my ears have ever known 
         C             D            G   F   Em
Just an old-fashioned feeling fully-growwwwwn
         C             F                  G
Country comfort's in a truck that's going home 


Verse 3:
            G                      C
Down at the well they've got a new machine 
     Am                       F           D
The foreman says it cuts man-power by fifteen 
                    G                              C
Yeah but that ain't natural well so old Clay would say 
               Am               C               G
You see he's a horse-drawn man until his dying day 

Repeat Chorus

Keith's Solo

Final Chorus:
           C               N/C
And it's good old country comfort in my bones 
Just the sweetest sound my ears have ever known 
         C             D            G   F   Em
Just an old-fashioned feeling fully-growwwwwn
         Am             C                  G
Country comfort's in a truck that's going home
         F             C                  
Country comfort's in a truck that's going home

Repeat Intro til fade 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Well done... but don't you think you should have given it to your Dad first
-Bc | 10/15/2004
I haven't heard the Keith Urban version.
My first listen was an old 45 of Elton John singing "Island Girl" - I
remember the B side went for 5:45 something. "What a long song," I
thought - but it was much better than the A side. Later, I heard a
version with Bill Monroe playing banjo which was spectacular. Keith
Urban said: "I first heard this on a Juice Newton record" (Queen of
Hearts, Angel of the Morning). Juice, like Keith, omitted the last

"Now the old fat goose is flying cross the sticks. The hedge-hogs done, in clay
between the bricks. And the rockin chair
is creaking on the porch. Across the valley
moves the heardsman with his torch"

It's been forever since I've heard any
version but picked out a chord pattern
from my ears memory of John's version:

[G]Soon the pines will be falling everywh[C]ere Village [Am]children fight
eac[F]hother for a [D]share. And the
[G]6:09 goes roaring past the [C]creek
Deacon [Am]Lee prepares his [C]sermon
for next[G]week

The first two lines of the chorus I play the
same, the last two I play:

Just an [C]old fashioned f[D]eeling fully
[G]grow[F]owww[C]wn. . .Country
[Am]comfort in a [C]truck that's going back

I welcome any comments (regarding the
song). If I've been playing this wrong all
these years I think my sister's record
collection isn't the only thing I should have
stayed out of.

-Buckberry | 10/23/2004
I think that it might be


I may be wrong though,this is the first thing I have ever disputed on this site
-lancejoker | 11/11/2004
I'm trying hard to learn this song. I can sing it much better in the key of "D". Is it possible for you to tab the intro in "D".

-GFRaines | 11/23/2004
The actual version is writen in D, The chords are. D, G Em C A for the verse. with this in it.
Sermon for next week

chorus is
just the Sweetest sound my ears
D C Bflat Em G D
Fully Grown.....
-tmac7 | 12/25/2004
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