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Jason Boland - Boys From Oklahoma (Chord)
Submitter: MADEMAN45 (9) on 2/24/03 7 comments
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Boys From Oklahoma
Written by Gene Collier

This song is done by just about every red dirt and Texas contry band.  
If you can play "Nymphomaniac" you can play this.  
Theres also about 30 different versions, this one happens to be the OSU version.  
Also the last verse is a little addition of my own.

G, C, D, G throughout

G 	  	  	  	   C
Them boys from Oklahoma roll their joints all wrong.
 	 D 	  	     G 	 
They're too damn skinny and way too long.
Well I ain't no holy roller, so I just use a bong.
 	 D 	  	  	  	    G
Them boys from Oklahoma roll their joints all wrong.

Them boys in Arkansas they got some damn fine pot.
That's a direct result of all them good seeds they got.
Haulin' water up the hill's a chore but damn i'll tell you what.
Them boys from Arkansas they got some damn fine pot.

Them boys down in there Texas got some damn fine weed.
They smuggle it across the Rio, they use the Mexican breed.
That's exploitin' cheap labor, but hell that's  Texican's creed.
Them boys down in Texas got some damn fine weed.


Them boys just north in Kansas, hell all they got is a bunch of schwag.
And they'll try to screw you for fifty bucks for a quarter bag.
I got some in my guitar case but I'm not the type to brag.
But it's a damn sight better than that Kansanian schwag.

See them f****ts over in Norman they got themselves a kinky streak.
They like to roll their own but their sooner wrists are too damn weak.
But they'll sure start to puff'n though if you stick one in their beak.
Them boys from up in Norman got a kinky streak.


See them boys in Colorado would just as soon pan for gold.
The nights are too long, and the growin season's too cold.
They just as soon smoke a joint that Jason Boland had rolled himself.
Least that's what I been told.

Them boys from Louisiana got trouble growin' their weed.
Them alligators is mean, and they eat up all the dang seeds.
But on a bayou night by the light of the full moon,
You can walk out and pick you a sack full of 'shrooms.


Them boys up in Virginia, they stay inside and smoke the pipe.
They cant go outside cause they're afraid they might get sniped.
But they sure grow the good stuff, they roll it up when it gets ripe.
Them boys up in Virginia stay inside and smoke the pipe.

Them boys from Oklahoma roll their joints all wrong.
They're too damn skinny and way too long.
Well mine looks like a pregnant dolphin I'd just as soon use a bong.  
Them boys from Oklahoma roll their joints all wrong
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I went a saw Jason and the Stragglers a short
time ago and they had some special "live only"
verses added to these. If anyone can get them;
I would appreciate it.
-caseyheilman | 8/3/2003
Well the man is gonna try to tell ya bout the reefer badness;
His drug companies and his political madness;
But there's more of us than there are of him that wanna take a hit;
George W go on and legalize that s**t

That's Boland's special live verse

-jmeyer | 3/15/2004
I think everytime I've seen Boland there's a new added or special verse.
It just depends on when/where you see him, or whatever he decides to say.
-MADEMAN45 | 3/15/2004
The correct lyric is "mine looks like a pregnant dog", not dolphin
-jwo23 | 3/10/2005
No, it's dolphin. Think of the shape of a pregnant dolphin. That looks more like a joint would than a dog. You can also take a look at the CCR tab of the DVD version. You can plainly tell it says dolphin.
-MADEMAN45 | 3/10/2005
That Virginia comment about getting sniped is wrong and heartless.
-SMERSH4346 | 6/16/2005
well them boys from over seas, god bless em all
they nutted up man, and answered the call,
the red white and bule brothers thats my point,
kickin ass and takin names lets roll another joint

-arklilsis | 7/15/2005
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