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Jason Boland - A. Hole (Chord)
Submitter: buffdixie (29) on 6/3/03 3 comments
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Jason Boland - A*****e
Riff played troughout whole song

D C B Bb

.  D--7--5--4--3----- .
.  E----------------- .

Iím just a regular Joe, with a regular job
Iím your average white, suburbanite slob
I like football, porno, and books about war
Iíve got an average house, with a nice hardwood floor.

My wife, and my job, my kids, and my car
My feet on my table, and a Cuban cigar.

But sometimes thatís just ainít enough
To keep a man like me interested
(Oh no. No way. Uh uh.)

No, I gotta go out and have fun
At someone elseís expense
(Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.)

I drive really slow, in the ultra-fast lane
People behind me, are goiní insane.
Iím an A*****e 
Iím an A*****e 

I use public toilets, and I piss on the seat
I walk around in the summertime sayiní ďHow about this heat?Ē

Iím an A*****e 
Iím an A*****e  

Sometimes I park, in handicapped spaces
While handicapped people, make handicapped faces.

Iím an A*****e 
Iím an A*****e 

Maybe I shouldnít be singiní this song 
Ranting and raving and carrying on
Maybe theyíre right when they tell me Iím wrong

.  D--7--5--4--3--- .
.  E----------------- .
Iím an A*****e  
Iím an A*****e  

You know what Iím gonna do
Iím gonna get a 1967 Chevy El Dorado convertible 
With whale-skin hubcaps, an all-leather cow interior
and big brown baby seal eyes for headlights. 
And Iím gonna drive around in that thing at 115 miles an hour,
Gettiní one mile per gallon, eattiní cheeseburgers from McDonalds
in the old-fashioned, non-biodegradeable styrofoam containers.
And when Iím done suckiní down those greaseball burgers,
And wipe my mouth on the American flag, 
And Iím gonna throw the containers right out the side, and thereís not a 
damn thing anybody can do about it, cause we still got the bombs.
Two words, nuclear f**kiní weapons alright.
Russia, Germany, Romania, they can have all the democracy they want,
They can have a big democracy cakewalk right through the middle of Tiennamen
Square, and it gonna make a damn bit of difference, because we got the bombs.
John Wayneís not dead, heís frozen! And as soon as we can figure out a cure for cancer,
Weíre gonna thaw out the Duke and the Dukes gonna be pretty pissed off!
You know why, you ever taken a cold shower?
Well multiply that s**t by fifteen million and thatís how pissed the Dukeís gonna be.  
And Iím gonna get the Duke, and Lee Marvin, and John Casavetti and a case of Irish Whiskey,
And Iím , WHAT?

(Hey. Hey. Hey. HEY! You know you really are an A*****e.)
Why donít ya just shut up and sing the song, pal?

Iím an A*****e 
Iím an A*****e  

A, S, S, H, O, L, E
Everybody A, S, S, H, O, L, E

Iím an A*****e, and Iím proud of it.

?'s buffdixie at
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Try this walkdown by playing a D chord (I figured this out
the other day but didn't have time to get the words:


It's a tough reach on the 1st fret...
-lmofle | 6/3/2003
I just performed this yesterday, and I think it sounds good if you play it like this. It is also easier to finger.

E -2--2--3--3
B -3--3--3--3
G -2--2--0--0
D -0---------
A ----3--2--1
E -----------

-whiz1965 | 4/19/2004
u said easier to finger....huh huh
-gutfiddle | 12/1/2005
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