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Jason Boland - 12 Oz. Curls (Chord)
Album: Somewhere In The Middle (2004)
Submitter: lmofle (551) on 12/22/04 2 comments
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12 Oz. Curls
By Jason Boland
CD: Somewhere In The Middle, 2004
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

              C          F    
I just got to raise this beer and make a toast
G                       C            G
I got fired to day, now lets get comatose
     C                        F      
Well babe it's ok, we'll have time to get in shape
G                    C
Down at jims bar and grill lifting weights, 

      C                      F
Doing 12 ounce curls i ain't lazy
         G                           C
It's the exercise that satisifies my mind
        C                             F
Got the weight of the world drivin me crazy
    G                              C
I'm taking it away, 12 ounces at a time

Oh I need to improve myself
I’m askin you please to have patience
We may need to seek some professional help
Down at the Detox and Rehabilitation

Doin’ those:

G             C
Forty’s fine, Sixteen’s good enough
     D                               G
Well I just want 12 ounces at a time that won’t run out
F                                    C
As long as there’s enough for all of you and all of me
D                                          G
When this place runs out well, we’ll call it history



So a beer for everybody that can afford one
Tell that barmaid bring me one too
I need to blow job related troubles off my mind
And quit worrying about how I’m getting’ screwed

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
In the last verse it's "I need to blow job related troubles off my mind" I had to laugh a bit once i realized that's what it actually was because if in fact he meant to do it, it's a very clever and humorous metaphor in my opinion. Randy Crouch is credited for the lyrics, but he's also a great singer/songwriter with vocals and even his own song on Jason's new cd. It's cool to see selfless people still exist. If I never heard another person besided Jason Boland sing a country song, i'd still die happy.......The "Hellpony" for president!
-chrisntx | 12/24/2004
hey how bout a Beaver Nelson Song, Its called "Forget Thinkin" email me for a copy if you need it.( I thought i'd ask the Texas Music Master. Imofle Please!
-lancebaxter | 12/31/2004
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