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Hank Williams, Jr. - Brothers Of The Road (Chord)
Album: Hank Williams, Jr. and Friends [MGM] (1976)
Submitter: lmofle (986) on 5/18/04 1 comment
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Brothers of the Road
By Hank Williams, Jr
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

G                                 D                     G 
We all go on a two month tour and nearly work ourselves sick
    C                                             G
Now we donít know where all the money goes but we sure aint getting rich
  C                                          G
I think the fat men in New York and L.A. are giving us the whole run around
          G                                             F          C       G  
You bring 50,000 home and he says your overdrawn, itíll just about get you down 
F          G       D
Just about get you down

               C                       G
But we keep on pickiní, and we keep on singing
       D                                          G
And we try and try to get high but we can keep on grinning
       G                                                                          C
Oh you wish you had home and someone of your own to love you when you get back in town
    C                       G
But this kind of live donít cotton to wife 
      F          C       G     F          C       D 
Itíll just about get you down, Just about get you down


Yea you got fortune and fame and a well known name, aww, your really flying high
Whether your rock or country, or blues or funky weíre all make the same inside
Living in fear of later years when nobodyís gonna want you around
Yes the Brothers of the Road all share the same the load and itíll just about get you down
If you let it itíll bring you it down

Chorus 2:
You gotta keep on pickiní, You gotta keep on singing
And you try and you try to stay high but you can keep on grinning
You spend a lot of time alone and talking on the phone to the latest love that you found
And cry over the girl you really wanted in your world 
Itíll just about get you down, if you let it itíll bring you down

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Good Song again larry.

You must have copied my record collection.

-grantwiscour | 5/18/2004
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