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Hank Williams, Jr. - American Way (Chord)
Album: Habits Old and New (1980)
Submitter: truredneck (0) on 1/27/04 6 comments
Month Views: 35 | Total Views: 7,441
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(verse 1)

if you fly in from burmingham you'll get the last gate
if you fly in from boston though you'll just half to wait
             G                        D
and i'm learnin', a little more everyday
about the power of the dollar

and people with white collars
and your good old american way

(verse 2)

i notice i don't get much help when they see my blue jeans
but some slick with a suit walks up oh can i help you please
             G                        D
and i'm learnin', as i gain a little age
about the power of the dollar 

and people with white collars
and your good old american way

(verse 3)

some high soceity lady says is your horse outside
no mam hes between my legs and your too fat to ride
             G                              D
and your learnin', a little more about my ways
what i think about your dollars

and your white collar
and your good ol american way

(verse 4)
if you dont like my dirty boots i'm sorry about that
don't make fun of my hat too or you my get knocked flat
             A                                 D
and learn somemore, if you ever pass down our way
where there ain't no dollars

and no white collars
hell we are the american way
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
man, this is the best tab on thr whole sight. ha ha, somebody please make a comment..ive never tabed before. tjis is ,y first one. (if it's o'kay i have more) thank you,,,the truredneck. i dont know why i call myself this,,, coulndnt think of anything better!!!!!! love ya and everything music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-truredneck | 4/7/2004
if you flew in from boston boy you sure won't have to wait
-jeanbren | 11/10/2004
great song but the chords are off G C D is what he plays
-larryf2448 | 12/2/2004
hey good tabbing.I just love Hank.
-beanie26 | 3/2/2005
doesn't he say "nudey boots" ?? I think thats what they are called.. dunno, could be wrong.
-reddnecckk | 3/28/2009
Starting at Some high society... I think the chord progression is A D E
-clanger | 8/3/2014
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