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Clay Walker - Jesus Was A Country Boy (Chord)
Album: A Few Questions (2003)
Submitter: Shantel (6) on 10/8/03 5 comments
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Jesus Was A Country Boy - Clay Walker
Album: A Few Questions
Writers: Clay Walker/Rivers Rutherford

**Capo 2**

Intro: D  A  G (x2)

Verse 1:
   D             A               G
I stumbled on a preacher Sunday morning
D                   A          G
All decked out and made up for TV
Em7                                A
Asking for some money from God's people
Em7                         A
Talking all that high theology

Verse 2:
Well I might be just an old blue collar
There's things about the Lord that I don't know
But I bet he never had a million dollars
Or wore a lot of stylish fancy clothes, (cause)

Jesus was a country boy

Walking down a dirt road, with everything that he owned
He never met a stranger
Born in a barn underneath the stars
His mama laid him in a manger
Swimmin' in the river, fishin' for his dinner
Livin' with the sinners like me
Em7  D/F#  G  A                 G
Makes me thi--nk, Jesus was a country boy

Verse 3:
My daddy never cared much for religion
And my mama worried a lot about his soul
She'd hit her knees and pray for him on Sunday
While daddy hit his favorite fishin' hole

Verse 4:
You see daddy was a rebel and a rambler
But I always knew he loved my mama so
I never doubted he'd make it to Heaven
Cause it ain't who you are it's who you know (and daddy knew)


       Em7 D/F# G  A                    G           D
Yes and I beli---eve, that Jesus was a country boy

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great job! Sounds real good to me.
-tborsje | 7/2/2004
i'm not near as good as you at this but i do think that it should go to "D" at Livin with the sinners....
great tab though. thanks
-jrquatt | 2/1/2005
The chords are fine, but the song is in E not D, so drop every chord by 2.
Verse is E B A, F#M7 B. And so on.
A6 seems better then A with F# on top string.
-orgron | 2/8/2005
Or you could capo 2 like it says on my tab and then it is in the key of E :o)
-Shantel | 2/8/2005
Nice job Shantel :-)
-danielcraggs | 11/8/2005
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