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Clay Walker - I Can't Sleep (Chord)
Album: A Few Questions (2003)
Submitter: Shantel (30) on 10/8/03 9 comments
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I Can't Sleep - Clay Walker
Album: A Few Questions
Writers: Clay Walker/Chely Wright

Intro:  D  A  G (x2)

D             A
I've been up all night long 
G                   D
Just waitin' on the sun
D              A
I've given up damn the dawn
G                     D
It ain't never gonna come
Em7                G                    A
Something's wrong,   as long as you're gone

               D           A          G
I'm not gonna sleep til I touch your face
            D           A       G    A
Baby not a wink I could go for days
        F#7           Bm      A          G
If you ever needed to see me down on my knees
       D/F#    Em7      A        Bm
Take a look at me, baby I can't sleep

D  A  G

D                  A
Remember when you said you wouldn't last
G                      D
I couldn't swallow my pride
D                           A
Whoa it's sinkin' in, baby losin' you has
G                  D
Finally opened my eyes
Em7             G                A
I'm wide awake,   as long as it takes


A G  D/F#  Em7  A


(keep repeating D A G with ad-lib to the end)

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Another awesome one Shantel, you are the best. Great song by Clay too.
This whole cd is really awesome, and his voice sounds better than ever.
-frickity | 10/14/2003
great song...great tab...just, great
-mystikal1116 | 2/11/2004
Awesome job on this...Sounds great. I just
seen one thing that might add a little better
sound to it. Between these two lines...You
might want to add an A walk it out
then walk it back in to the D chord.

G D **A**
Just waitin' on the sun
I've given up damn the dawn
-Camaroac92 | 4/25/2004
In the second verse, are you sure it's "said you woudn't last" or is
it "said we wouldn't last"? i've listened to the song several times
but don't actually have lyrics and was just wondering. I'm probably
wrong but please, any answer is appreciated. Thanks.
-AE12 | 5/26/2004
ok. thanks for letting me know.
-AE12 | 5/31/2004
I give this tab a 10 hands down. Excellent job on this one, do a great job on all of them that you do!
-rascalflatts99 | 6/17/2004
-BrettBueltel | 8/7/2004
the second verse is
"remember when you said we wouldn't last"
-vbennett | 9/6/2004
K, i luv this song. The chords r uncanny. Thank you.
-cool_hand459 | 11/1/2004
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