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Clay Walker - I Can't Sleep (2) (Intro)
Album: A Few Questions (2003)
Submitter: dwm376s (2) on 4/25/04 6 comments
Month Views: 45 | Total Views: 4,909
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Here is a more correct version of the intro for Clay 
Walker's, I Can't Sleep.

e ---------------------------------------------------------
b --------/10------8-------8---------------------10--------
g ----7h9-/11--9\7-9--11-9-7--------------7h9-/11--11------
d -7h9-----------------------7h9-------7h9----------------- 
a ---------------------------------------------------------
e ---------------------------------------------------------

e ---------------------------------------------------------
b --------------------10-10-10-----------------------------
g --7-9--11-7-----9/11--------9\7---7----------------------
d --------------------------------9------------------------
a ---------------------------------------------------------
e ---------------------------------------------------------
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
hey man that tab is the shiznit, its the first song i ever learned how to play on the guitar, adn ive never known what the lyrics were for it, hey but thats for dooin this u be cool

-CountryRat254 | 12/22/2004
Ehh...made mine sound like crap. Nice job.
-mystikal1116 | 4/26/2004
great tab but i have a question. im pretty new to playing and i dont know what /7 is i thought that was a slide but how far do u slide it

-chrisgrau | 5/9/2004
for instance if it says 7/9...strike the 7 and slide it up to 9,
in tempo with the recording. 9\7 is the reverse of that
-dwm376s | 5/9/2004
thanks but i know how to do like a 7/9 but where do u start the slide in a tab like this: /11 or /4 like that?

-chrisgrau | 5/12/2004
just depends on the record...the slide is
fast enough that it doesn't matter all that much where you start. It's a single note,
encompassing one beat(/9). Whereas 7/9 is two notes encompassing two beats
-dwm376s | 5/13/2004
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