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Chris Young - Gettin' You Home (Chord)
Album: The Man I Want to Be (2009)
Submitter: blugraspickr (4) on 2/17/09 6 comments
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I'm sure these are the right chords, 
but I might have misplaced them over the words. 
Sounds really close to me, 
but I'm always open to corrections. Enjoy.

Tabbed by Blugraspickr

Intro: Am D Cadd9 G

       Am             D
Tuxedo waiters, black tie,
            Cadd9       G
white table clothes and red wine,
           Am             D
we've been planning, this night,
         Cadd9                 G
looking forward to it,for some time
    Cadd9                                 G
now honey I know you love getting dressed up,
        Cadd9                   G
and you know I love showing you off,
    Am                      D     Cadd9                       G
but watching your baby blue eyes, dancing in the candle light glow,
Am                 D      Cadd9       G
all I can think about, is getting you home,

NC                  Am                      G           Cadd9   G
Walking through the front door, seeing your black dress hit the floor, 
               Am                           G
Uh honey there sure ain't nothing, like you loving
     Cadd9    G/B   G 
me all        night long,
         Am          D        Cadd9       G
 and all I can think about is getting you home,

I don't need this menu, no I don't,
I already know just what I want,
did I hear you right, did you tell me,
go pay the waiter and lets leave, 
now honey I know by that look in your eyes,
and your hand drawing hearts on mine, 
that our night out of the house, ain't gonna last too long, 
when all you can think about, is getting me home,


Walking through the front door, 
seeing your black dress hit the floor, 
uh honey there sure ain't nothing like you loving me
all night long,
and all I can think about, all I can think about,
all I can think about, is getting you home.

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
thanks a lot man!
-dumbbballstar | 2/17/2009
No problem, I actually found a new song I think I'm going to play out now thanks to you.
-blugraspickr | 2/17/2009
I've played this with the song over and over, and don't think it is exactly correct but I can't put my finger on the correct chords.Please Help!
-jtown | 8/13/2009
Intro: Am D G Cadd9 G. Some of the other chords are not quite right, for a quick fix check out Chris Young on Youtube, he actually shows you how he plays it.
-tedzgunz | 9/1/2009
Chordes are Am D Gx2 in the intro and verse and right when he says honey i love seeing you get dressed up it changes to C and back to the other chords. Check out Chris Young teaches you Gettin' You Home
-aleced6 | 11/1/2009
G before the Cadd9's then back to the G. I bet that is what your hearing
-jlowder2727 | 11/23/2009
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