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Chris Cagle - It Takes Two (Chord)
Album: Chris Cagle (2003)
Submitter: Shantel (11) on 11/17/03
Month Views: 6 | Total Views: 5,089
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It Takes Two - Chris Cagle
Album: What A Beautiful Day
Writers: Chris Cagle/Monty Powell

**Capo 4** (or see below for down-tuning option)

Intro: D  Em  A  D

D                                           Em
Yeah sometimes you make me so crazy I wanna turn and go
A                                               D
Then you drive me wild and it makes me want to stay
D                                               Em
Yeah sometimes it feels like I'm walking down a rocky road
A                                            D
Just to fall in your arms at the end of the day
F#m7                                       G
You ain't perfect, but your perfect for a man like me
   F#m7                               G              A
And I know that I'm not the man that I'm supposed to be

                     D                      Bm
But it's gonna take faith, it's gonna take trust
It's gonna take everything we've got
Even when we know it won't be enough
                 D                          Bm
It's gonna take hope, we even need a little luck
And if anybody tells us we can make it on our own
          A    G              A         D    Em(1st chorus only)
It ain't true, oh 'cause baby it takes two

D                                            Em
Yeah sometimes my work and the world get the best of me
A                                            D
Then I come home and try to give you what's left of me
D                                     Em
And sometimes you wonder if I'm even listening
A                                              D
And I hate how it hurts you when I forget the little things
F#m7                                      G
I'm not perfect, but for you I'll do the best I can
                F#m7                              G             A
'Cause without you I'll never be more than just another lonely man


I don't wanna walk alone now baby
I know I can't make it on my own baby
Even though sometimes you make me so crazy
A                                    D
I know together we can make it with faith
It's gonna take a little trust 

(repeat the rest of the chorus)

                 Bm                                G
It's gonna take faith, we're gonna need a little trust
It's gonna take me, you the both of us
It's gonna take two

If you want to downtune your guitar 1/2 step you can play 
these chords instead of the ones listed on the tab:
A  --->  D
Bm --->  Em
D  --->  G
Em --->  Am
F#m7-->  Bm7
G  --->  C

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