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Brad Paisley - Whiskey Lullaby (Chord)
Album: Mud on the Tires (2003)
Submitter: Shantel (12) on 7/21/03 73 comments
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Whiskey Lullaby - Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss
Album: Mud On The Tires
Writers: Bill Anderson/Jon Randall

Intro: Bm   G

            D             G                             Bm
She put him out like the burning end of a midnight cigarette
     A         D        G                                 A
She broke his heart he spent his whole life trying to forget
    Bm                          A  D
We watched him drink his pain away a little at a time
       Bm                       A   D
But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind
Until tonight...

Chorus 1:
             D                      G          A
He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger
     Bm                     A   G
And finally drank away her memory
D                                   A
Life is short but this time it was bigger
          Bm                        A        G
Than the strength he had to get up off his knees
      D                                    A
They found him with his face down in the pillow
        Bm                           A     G 
With a note that said I'll love her til I die
      D                             A
And when we buried him beneath the willow
     G                          Bm
The angel's sang a whiskey lullaby
Bm                                       G
La la la la la la la,  La la la la la la la 
Bm                                       G
La la la la la la la,  La la la la la la la 

            D          G                               Bm
The rumors flew but nobody knew how much she blamed herself
     A         D         G                                 A
For years and years she tried to hide the whiskey on her breath
    Bm                       A  D
She finally drank her pain away a little at a time
         Bm                       A  D
But she never could get drunk enough to get him off her mind
Until the night...

Chorus 2:
              D                      G          A
She put that bottle to her head and pulled the trigger
     Bm                     A   G
And finally drank away his memory
D                                   A
Life is short but this time it was bigger
          Bm                         A        G
Than the strength she had to get up off her knees
     D                                     A
We found her with her face down in the pillow
Bm                       A        G 
Clinging to his picture for dear life
     D                               A
We laid her next to him beneath the willow
       G                          Bm
While angel's sang a whiskey lullaby
Bm                                       G   Bm  G
La la la la la la la,  La la la la la la la     
(repeat to fade)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great Job
Chords sound perfect
-shawn15 | 9/15/2003
Great tab...awesome song, too bad it is so
darn depressing--it is a country song after all
-lilcat409 | 1/2/2004
well done, great song!
-damoss | 2/10/2004
Rumor on Music Row is that Brad will
be releasing this as the 3rd single.
-WildCard76 | 3/8/2004
very very good, I mean you guy have got some talent that do this, I
am lucky if I can barely play it right, but it sounded real good!!!
-mikeanderica | 4/30/2004
Any way to play this without that nasty old Bm?
I can't ever get that chord to sound good.
-cmala | 5/2/2004
Try cheating on the Bm....That's what I do, sounds fine.
-guppie06 | 5/2/2004
If you play with a capo on 2 you can use these chords
instead. Bad news is you still have an F which a lot
of people hate. :o)

Capo 2, chords become...

A ----> G
Bm Am

Or to play this the easiest way you could capo 7th, the
downside is capoing that high tends to make the guitar
sound like a mandolin.

Capo 7, chords become...

A ----> D
Bm Em

-Shantel | 5/2/2004
Shantel you are the greatest! I won't even bother touching
a tab unless I see that it is done by you. This is a great
song and your ear for tone is impeccable. Even though I'm
having a bit of trouble finding the strumming pattern, it
still sounds great! Thank you thank you thank you!
-SkippyT | 5/6/2004
great tiny tiny thing...this is the first time iv ever
suggested anything so correct me if i'm wrong but try this:

Bm A Bm A G
La la la la la la la, La la la la la la la
Bm A Bm A G
La la la la la la la, La la la la la la la

I swear I hear those A's in there. Maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me.

-pberard2002 | 5/11/2004
I actually figured this out in the car on the
radio for the most part. Went home and played it. You're
tab is right on. Though I agree with the previous poster.
During the la la la part, I do hear an A chord, but only
during the second la la la.
It seems a little hidden but it's there.
-Vynom | 5/17/2004
Have you tried it with the Bm
in this fashion x20432 not barred makes the
transition to an A and D chords easier.
-saddlebronc0 | 5/20/2004
-jroper96 | 6/1/2004
pberard2002- i hear the A in there too. I played it and
sang it and it sounds right Good job tho, Great tab

-GRSguitar | 6/4/2004
Missing the A or not, this is an excellent tab.
-dtony_bigs | 6/5/2004
good tab one thing that you can do is add a c# bass note on
the a chord and it sounds better but good tab
-jordan | 6/5/2004
i dont think youre hearing an "A" during the "la's"...i think
you are hearing an F# bass note
-cntyotlw | 6/5/2004
The G in the 1st line of the chorus is a transition chord.
It only has only strum then you go immediately to the next.
Same thing with the A in the 2nd line of the chorus.
-Shantel | 6/6/2004
you rock Shantel, Great Job and Great Song
-pmfsinger | 6/9/2004
You get it perfect everytime Shantel. Good job!!!
-_DRIVEN_ | 6/15/2004
Everything is awesome, except that you forgot a couple G's and A's on
the chorus.
Here they are.

Life is short but this time it was bigger
They found him with his face down in the
And when we buried him beneath the willow

Bm A Bm A G
La la la la la la la, La la la la la la la
Bm A Bm A G
La la la la la la la, La la la la la la la

-micah87 | 6/19/2004
I'm definitely hearing those chords. Otherwise very good tab!
-danielcraggs | 6/21/2004
I'm still not sold about those chords being there cause
I'm thinking it might just be a note on the bass we're
hearing, but you guys could be right. Not sure either way
but thanks for the input :o)
-Shantel | 6/24/2004
I agree with Shantel about the bass note. I also hear other bass
notes in the song, I think Jordan is right on with the C#. It needs
the low "E" tuned down to a "D" to get the "REAL" effect. Check out
my tab and see what you guys think. This is only my second
-taylorplayer1 | 6/25/2004
Ive never posted before. mainly cus i just started playin but
what you guys do is amazing i gotta say
-ut4ever8 | 6/27/2004
I ain't good enough to make a playing
suggestion so I think that one line says
"I loved her till I died"
I think...past tense...maybe.
-darnell2 | 6/28/2004
sorry i was wrong
-darnell2 | 6/28/2004
oh my gosh, this is an awesome tab, ive played it both on my
acoustic and on my, sounds awesome. the first
time i really really listened to the song i cried :'( thats
just me though, im tenderhearted. good job shantel :D
-moab_spyke | 6/29/2004
When I'm listening to the song I definitely hear a G in the
last word of the verses like this:

Bm A D
But he never could get drunk enough to get
her off his mind...
Until the night...

I'm pretty sure that there is a quick ringing G there.
I may be wrong. Otherwise, love this song, love the tab,
agree with the A being in the last set of La La s.
-JonKurtis | 7/5/2004
Everything sounds perfect to me!!!
If someone would help me figure out the intro. . .
-LESLBC24 | 7/7/2004
great job man i had guitar lesson today and thats exactly how he
told to play it awsome job

-skobe | 7/8/2004
dont strum it, you must finger pick it.
strumming will take way too much away from the song.
find yourself a nice guitar and a pretty girl
with a pretty voice to sing the second verse,
then tackle those vocal harmonies. fabulously
written song, and alison and brad sound
wonderful on their tight harmonies!!
-kjdfein | 7/12/2004
great song,yet I agree, why are all the really new,good songs are so sad?
-singerchick8928 | 7/17/2004
from reading the comments of a previous poster,
the reason that the A like this A= x02200
is because its not an A exactly. the chord
is A2 and yes it will sound better but thats
simply because the chord it self sounds nicer
than a normal A. just wanted to post that. great tab though
-Born_Country | 7/21/2004
-foxmen21 | 7/30/2004
great tabbing shantel as always
it sounds awesome on my classical guitar
-bluegrasstabs | 8/4/2004
shantel does it again....WOW sounds dead on 2 me......nicely done
-countryboy09 | 8/13/2004
Alright I have read all the input on what chords people think they
hear. The way it is posted in the tab is correct when picked it will
have sounds which you will hear but when chording it out it is fine.
But picking it its more defined. If you play an A like I do 222200 it
would sound like a G in parts of there.Some people play a G as 330023
so its depends on how your style is try the G as I have out lined it
you will see it sounds fuller.
-prs1man | 8/15/2004
wow.. this tab rocks... it's perfect for the tone of my voice!
-freebird73 | 8/20/2004
Great Tab. I played it with the song and I agree with the A in the
2nd la la la's
-JLino | 8/26/2004
shantel will u please marry me!lol
we'll just go off in the sunset playin guitars...
ur awesome, i couldnt ask for anything
more lol!! I love u!
Hit me back sometime or email me... hope to hear from to jus talk sometime!
-sammy t | 8/28/2004
The into probably wrong but fairly close. I think he is
finger picking a background under this but i'm not sure.
Please post if you know.

-Meangreenwagon | 8/30/2004
Good job shantel!! Ive only been playing about a year & i picked
this song right up.I love it.Thanks
-awantedman2000 | 8/31/2004
he doesnt finger pick at all he uses a pick thoughout the whole
song u can see it on the video by the way great job chantel
picked up the song about the second time i looked at the page and
ive ony been playin for prolly 6 months
-J.R.H. | 9/2/2004
Sorry Madcap never met a Brad Booth..
-Shantel | 9/14/2004
Shantel, I think u need to meet
me lol. so...My name is Tyler,
how are u doing? Where are u from?
-sammy t | 9/14/2004
sammy t.. forget it pal I saw her first and anyways
I have the sexy australian accent..:p
-WayneXG95 | 9/16/2004
Oh yeah the accent is a plus, but
I got the sexy body and everything
else she needs! That accent isnt gonna
get u anywhere with her... lol.
She's got a man anyways, but its cool...
Well good luck with that...I dont need luck!
-sammy t | 9/19/2004
hey, great job
-codyvv2020 | 9/21/2004
sammy t..we both miss out mate but shes one extraordinary Canadian girl..
and you should hear her sing!
-WayneXG95 | 10/7/2004
Well when did u hear her sing?
I wanna hear this lol...I think it
would be great to hear! Let me know how I can get the chance someday!
The name is Tyler...I dont know why I put that name on there lol.
-sammy t | 10/8/2004
Yah, I'm retarded - so umm... can
some one help me out? all I hear
is a bunch of fingure picking can
some one tell me the patterns? I'm
tone deaf :(
-v1gilance | 10/9/2004
Sounds damn good to me. Don't change a thing!

-tator | 10/11/2004
This song has gotten more responses than any
other I have coome across, but it is a damn good song,
and it weighs very heavily on my conscience since I damn near
took that road
Its right from what I can tell,
Not to bad at all...
Thx for posting it
-KJ_CHRIS | 10/12/2004
Nice Job but one thing in guitar tabs if it shows the guitar tab do
you strum it once or place it one string at a time?
-Ryan735 | 10/25/2004
this is so good i cried the first time i heard it thanks

-timcgrady | 11/11/2004
Great tab. Shantel you do great work. I don't think the extra chords are in there that some of you hear. I think Brad used a Tic Tac to add some of the bass notes that sound like those chords. Also, Brad does finger pick though he uses a pick. I don't have much luck with it but you hold the pick like normal and pick with the nails of the other fingers.
-pmwilloughby | 12/2/2004
awesome job man
-Rodeoboy387 | 12/15/2004
hey i need help. i got a guitar for christmas and i really like this song so i wanted to play it. could some one help me understand how to read tabs. i get the main idea but i still need help....please and thanks
-edelh06 | 12/21/2004
oops..i meant chords(not tabs)

-edelh06 | 12/21/2004
yo edelh06 let me try to explain. I dont know how much you know so i'll start from the beginning. the bars that go across the guitar are called frets. when you see A= x02220 this is your fingering for the chord.
the string names are Eadgbe. the E is the sring highest up when your playing. the numbers like x02220, 0 means open,so you dont put your finger on any fret for that string. if there is a number 1,2,3...that is the number fret you put your finger on. if there is an x you dont strum that string. now for the song when your playing, the letter above the song is the chord you play, and you keep playing it until another letter comes. hope this helps

-jwcountry | 1/4/2005
Hey Kids! I recently played this song at an open mike night. Not as great without a female part, but I made it work with just me singing it. I finger pick the verses and then strum the chorus and lalala parts for a more dramatic effect. The strumming rythym kindof mirrors the drums as well.... its like "struuuum chaka chak chigga struuuum chaka chak". If that makes any remote sense to anyone! Remember, the cool thing about music and especially guitar is that you have the ability and the privilage to make a song your own, not just a carbon copy of the cd. Have Fun and be Creative!
-jcrangeman | 1/5/2005
-cook10 | 2/28/2005
I just saw the CMT concert of "Muddi Gras": brad paisley .....and man his performance on this song ....was AWESOME ....he uses a pick by the way! Now i liked the album version with allison just as much as the next person. But hearin brad take on this song by himself with only him playin guitar is the best version. His voice is just so humble you feel it in your gut. p.s. GREAT TAB sounds wonderful ... keep on rockin everybody!
-FenderFan521 | 3/13/2005
hey cook10 im only 13 and i know that you spell it note not "not" ecelent tab shantel i played it at the highschool talent show and won. and im only in middle school
-timcgrady | 3/15/2005
except that you spelled excellent wrong 13 year old, good job with winning, and i must put an end to this A at the end of the intro thing, if you listen and have ears for music, you clearly hear the acoustic strumming an A, as well at the Bassist beginning his procession with an A, the bass does not play in the intro, neither does he need to, the song has enough effect with the guitar and that other intrument in the Intro. God Bless
-micah87 | 3/26/2005
Hey love the song, and its an amazing tab, awsome, great job! keep up the great tabliture. Lataz
-Vexen | 5/24/2005
I've been bustin a gut for over 1/2 an hour reading these posts - too funny! Great job on the tabs. Brad is my hero. Plain & Simple.
-shoobop | 8/31/2005
This song just recently hit me hard. Cuz im sort of in the same situation the guy is in the song. I dont think im gonna kill myself though, lol, but i can see how people would want to especially after listening to this damn song. Its freakin sad as hell, especially when it applies to you. Brad is awesome. One of my 3 fav country stars. #1 bein Conway Twitty, best voice i mean come on, then George Straight because of, you look so good in love and the chair and all his songs, the theres brad, because that s.o.b can burn the damn guitar up! Good job on the tabs guys.
-southrnthunder1 | 9/22/2005
Try it like this:
On the "pain away" part of the chorus, play A/C# where Shantel has A.
On the la la's try hammering on the open A string to B on the 7th la, then again on the next to last la before the G.
Both of these add a little extra flair when doing solo acoustic. As mentioned above, take this song and make it your own. Who wants to be a carbon copy?
-turkey101 | 11/19/2005
-azertyup | 5/28/2008
I like it very much)
-MegaBrownShip | 9/11/2017
Ohh cool song)
-LassenLass | 9/18/2017
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