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Brad Paisley - Alcohol (Intro)
Album: TIme Well Wasted (2005)
Submitter: mooman2679 (2) on 5/4/05 19 comments
Month Views: 18 | Total Views: 27,292
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Very easy intro...Great song too

Comments and ratings are always appreciated...
(and I would like one, sence I don't have any ...)

Haha...just noticed I played my soundbyte really slow...
I'm to lazy to correct it,  This really isn't hard enough 
to really need a soundbyte.

mooman2679 at

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Just heard a part of this off Brad's site...check it out..sounds pretty funny...typical Brad Paisley song writing and guitar playing...LOVE IT!!!
-gittarmane | 5/5/2005
yup, I have the song....thats how I figured out the beginning....
-mooman2679 | 5/5/2005
sounds pretty good to me, good job
-dmobley | 5/7/2005
-mooman2679 | 5/7/2005
Good Job Moonman. Ya did Good.
-paisley7 | 5/15/2005
great tab man. i am a beginner, and this song sounds just like how brad played it in concert. it is so easy. thanx alot!
-redfox147 | 7/3/2005
sounds real good, thanks a lot dude.

-manofcountry% | 7/26/2005
soundliek fukin s**t its nuthing like i play it if u want 2 know the real tabs go 2 my site and email me and i will send them back 2 u that goes the same with n e of my other songs

Brad Paisley
-hottguy567 | 8/4/2005
lol...that's pretty funny...

You think someone could really screw up a intro this easy that bad? Tell me what's wrong with it before you make a smart remark.
-mooman2679 | 8/4/2005
awsome job, thanks a lot
-Countrydeer05 | 8/6/2005
hey hottguy, that's not very nice, if you have a better tab, you should have posted it in your comment so we could all try it out. Just because we don't play it the same way as you doesn't make it wrong. I think you should get down on your knees and apologize to mooman for being rude.
-tobykeithlover | 8/6/2005
whats br?
-jakemyappy | 8/6/2005
Bend and bend the string and let it back down.
-mooman2679 | 8/6/2005
what are the real lyrics in the chorus

Bordeaux, France.doesn't sound right to me??maybe im wrong but it sounds like .and board old friends or something like that. But Im An old dude
-safkrcr | 8/7/2005
Sounding good! Hottguy can lick my scrotum. Don't pay any attention to him.
-logansams | 8/11/2005's definetly Bordeaux, France...cause like they have good wine there or something.

-Nashvillechick | 8/19/2005
borduxea france is where the worlds finest wine is made or whatever and he is saying that i very sure haha email
-acethecoolguy | 8/29/2005
This is all well and fine but where is the rest of the tab for all the other hot licks in this song? That seems true with most of the tabs on this site????
-Fenstrat | 11/13/2005
This is just a tab for the intro....that's what it says...
-mooman2679 | 11/14/2005
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