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Brad Paisley - Aint Nothin' Like (Solo)
Album: Mud on the Tires (2003)
Submitter: sparza (0) on 6/15/04 9 comments
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Here ya go.  I'm finding that the hardest part is at the end
when you bend the G at the 14th fret up a step, hold it and
then bend up another half step while bending the B up a step.
I believe Brad is using a G bender to achieve this bend which 
would be alot easier. My ears might be playing tricks on me 




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Hey, just wondering. I'm pretty new to learning country and I was hoping someone could give me some suggestions on some other guitar players to listen to. I love Brad Paisley's song writing and especially his playing. Is there any one whose music is along the same line? Thanks.
-sparza | 7/15/2004
Howdy! If you want a great guitarist but a different kind of style try Vince Gill! He's pretty good!!!!! Or you could listen to a bit of Alan Jackson. Brent Mason plays for him and he's real good to!! Have fun!!!!!!
-charlie odell | 8/29/2004
Good job. You're right, he is using a G bender in some places. I don't have one either, so it makes it hard for faking those kinds of licks. All in all, a very good tab!
-logansams | 11/30/2004
Im struggling to get the middle part down that has a walk down on the g string (8765) and the 7th fret on the e string. How do you get that whole bunch of stuff to sound right?? any suggestions?
-brianhersh | 2/1/2005
Hey Brian. Yeah that part's kinda tricky.
On the G string I play 8,7 with my middle finger and on the E string the first note is played with my first finger then I switch to my ring finger for the rest of the walk down. Does that make sense? In other words the High B note on the E string is the pedal tone. I play it once with my first finger then I switch to my ring finger to free up my first finger to play the rest of the walk down. Hope this helps.
p.s. I trust you are using chicken pickin' for that figure.
-sparza | 2/1/2005
hey bud,
thanks, ill give it a shot, and not too sound too silly, but what is chickin pickin and maybe thats why i can't do it... been playin for like 6 years but just started country and can't get enough of it...
-brianhersh | 2/2/2005
Yep, country pickin is great. I went to Berklee for jazz and just recently started playin country. It's a whole other bag and it really has opened up the fretboard even more. So... Chicken pickin'?... That's when you use your pick and middle or ring finger to alternate strokes. In that figure you'd play down strokes with your pick on the G string and pluck the E string with your middle finger. If you're not already using that kind of picking it takes a little getting used to but it becomes totally natural. I use it even when I'm not playing country.
-sparza | 2/2/2005
wow, berk huh??? thats amazing.. i wish i could do something like that.. unfortunately i spent all my money on law school and stuff... maybe later in life.. ill give that chickin thing a chance but i bet itll take some time..... thanks!!
-brianhersh | 2/2/2005
any way someone has a slowed down sound bite of this??
-brianhersh | 2/15/2005
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