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Arlo Guthrie - Alices Restaraunt (Tab)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 12/3/02 1 comment
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		Alice's Restaurant
words & music by				
  Arlo Guthrie

	Transcribed by  sixstringcowboy
                                        sixstringcowboy at				


This progression gets repeated throughout the song/monologue;
the only exception is the "impending doom" sound effect (I for-
get where in the song this occurs) produced by strumming the
following chords in sequence:

	     Ebo7       F#o7       Ao7       Co7

	 E |---2----------5---------8--------11--|
	 B |---1----------4---------7--------10--|
	 G |---2----------5---------8--------11--|
	 D |---1----------4---------7--------10--|
	 A |-------------------------------------|
	 E |-------------------------------------|

and the ending strums, which are C C F F C G C chords in usual

Here is the main vamp, with lyrics shown as they are sung in the
chorus.  The rest of the lyrics foolow the tablature.

           G     Am    Bm      C             Cm  C

 E |-------------------------|--0-----------------0-------|
 B |--------0-----1-----3----|---------1------4-----------|
 G |-------------------------|--------------------------0-|
 D |-------------------------|---------2-------------2----|
 A |--------------0-----2----|--3-------------3-----------|
 E |--------3----------------|----------------------------|
                               You    can    get    an -y

     A7                              D7             G

 E |-----------5-------3-----------|-----0----------------0--------|
 B |-----------------------5-------|--3---------------0------------|
 G |-------------------------------|--------------0----------------|
 D |--------------------------2----|----------4--------------0-----|
 A |---0-------0-------0-----------|--5----------------------------|
 E |-------------------------------|------------------3------------|
     thing    you    want       at   Al -i- ce's    Rest    -a-

     C        G     Am    Bm      C             Cm  C

 E |----------------------------|--0-----------------0-------|
 B |---1-------0-----1-----3----|---------1------4-----------|
 G |----------------------------|--------------------------0-|
 D |----------------------------|---------2-------------2----|
 A |---3-------------0-----2----|--3-------------3-----------|
 E |-----------3----------------|----------------------------|
     raunt                        You    can    get    an -y

     A7                              D7          D7/A

 E |-----------5-------3-----------|-------------------0----------|
 B |-----------------------5-------|--3-----3------3--------------|
 G |-------------------------------|-----------5------------------|
 D |--------------------------2----|--------4---------------4-----|
 A |---0-------0-------0-----------|--5---------------------------|
 E |-------------------------------|---------------5--------------|
     thing    you    want                  at     Al  -i- ce's

     G       Am     Bbm      Bm      C                Cm C

 E |-------------------------------|---0------------------0---------|
 B |---0------1-------2-------3----|-----------1-------4------------|
 G |-------------------------------|------------------------------0-|
 D |-------------------------------|-----------2--------------2-----|
 A |----------0-------1-------2----|---3---------------3------------|
 E |---3---------------------------|--------------------------------|
     Rest    -a-    raunt            Walk    right    in    it's a-


 E |---0-------0-------0---3-------|----------------------------------|
 B |-------------------------------|-----------0-------1---3----------|
 G |--------0------0---------------|---2---------------------------2--|
 D |-----------2--------------2----|-----------3---------------3------|
 A |---3---------------3-----------|----------------------------------|
 E |-------------------------------|---1---------------1--------------|
     round    the    back            Just    half a  mile    from the

     D7                                C             Cm  C

 E |---------------------------------|--0-----------------0-------|
 B |---1----3-----------1----3-------|---------1------4-----------|
 G |----------------2--------------2-|--------------------------0-|
 D |------------0---------------0----|---------2-------------2----|
 A |---------------------------------|--3-------------3-----------|
 E |---2----------------2------------|----------------------------|
     rail-    road    track            You    can    get    an -y

     A7                              D7             D7/A

 E |-----------5-------3-----------|----------------------0--------|
 B |-----------------------5-------|--3-------3-------3------------|
 G |-------------------------------|--------------5----------------|
 D |--------------------------2----|----------4--------------4-----|
 A |---0-------0-------0-----------|--5----------------------------|
 E |-------------------------------|------------------5------------|
     thing    you    want       at   Al -i- ce's    Rest    -a-

     G        G     Am    Bm

 E |----------------------------|
 B |---0-------0-----1-----3----|
 G |----------------------------|
 D |----------------------------|
 A |-----------------0-----2----|
 E |---3-------3----------------|

Now for the full lyrics, (please forgive me for any errors, 
I am doing this from memory and my typing skill are meager at best

		Alice's Restaurant
				by Arlo Guthrie
This song is called Alice's Restaurant and it's about Alice, and the
restaurant but Alices Restaurant is not the name of the restaurant,
it's the name of the song, and that's why I called this song Alice's
	You can get anything you want at Alices Restaurant.
	You can get anything you want at Alices Restaurant.
	Walk right in it's around the back.
	Just a half a mile from the railroad track.
	You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant.
Now it all started two Thanksgivings ago it's on two years ago on
Thanksgiving when my friend and I went up to visit Alice at the
restaurant but Alice doesn't live in the restaurant, she lives in the
church nearby the restaurant, in the bell-tower, with her husband Ray
and Fasha the dog. And livin' in the bell tower since they took out
all the pews, they got a lot a room downstairs where the pews used to
be in and havin all that room, seen as they took out all the pews,they
decided that they didn't have to take out their garbage for a long
	We got up there found all the garbage, and we figured it'd be
a friendly gesture for us to take the garbage down to the city dump.
	So we took the half a ton of garbage and put it in the back of
a red VW microbus, took shovel's and rakes and implements of
destruction and headed on toward the city dump. Well we got there and
there was a big sign and a chain across saying closed on thanksgiving.
We'd never heard of a dump closed on thanksgiving before, and with
tears in our eyes we drove off into the sunset looking for another
place to put the garbage.
	We didn't find one. Until we came to a side road, and off the
side of the side road there was another fifteen foot cliff and at the
bottom of the cliff there was another pile of garbage. And we decided
one big pile is better than two little piles, and rather than bring
that one up we decided to throw our's down.
	That's what we did, and drove back to the church, had a
thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat, went to sleep and didn't
get up until the next morning, when we got a phone call from officer
Obie.  Said "Kid, we found your name on an envelope at the bottom of a
half a ton of garbage, and just wanted to know if you had any
information bout it". I said "Yes Sir Officer Obie, I cannot tell a
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how long did it take you to write the lyircs out? lol!! great song and accurate tab thanx!
-guitarpicker03 | 7/26/2003
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