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Brad Paisley at CountryTabs.com
Brad Paisley
486 songs
Moderator: Ray Terry
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Song Type Rating Views Submitter
364 Days To GoChord9,408axehappy
A Man Don't Have To DieChord9,124Koichi Kondo
Accidental RacistChord4,403Robin656
Ain't Nothin LikeTab13,356Ryan15
Ain't Nothin' LikeChord25,552palamin0
Ain't Nothin' LikeIntro16,349Shantel
Aint Nothin' LikeSolo7,028sparza
Ain't Nothin' Like 2Intro5,465rockstarbiddle1
Ain't Nothing LikeIntro5,135hopeuknow
Alcohol (Ending)Tab3,462livewire8
Alcohol (no Capo)Chord17,871matellmon
Alcohol (rhythm Idea)P-Tab7,789atekjunkie
Alcohol(if Tuned Down To "d")Intro6,984sweethomealabam
Alcohol(no Capo In Key Of "b")Chord7,794sweethomealabam
Alcohol(no Capo)Chord20,390atekjunkie
All I Wanted Was A CarIntro11,791zunie
All I Wanted Was A CarSolo6,170zunie
All I Wanted Was A CarIntro5,307ericmichel
All I Wanted Was A Car(2)Chord5,835msaenz
All You Really Need Is LoveChord8,213Shantel
All You Really Need Is LoveSolo6,263axehappy
Away In A MangerChord26,537Ray Terry
Be The LakeChord15,560sterkules95
Be The LakeIntro6,173arhowell
Beat This SummerChord12,255Robin656
Beat This SummerChord2,850mkrousie
Beat This SummerTab3,662mooman2679
Beat This SummerChord11,887Koichi Kondo
Behind The CloudsChord12,557joekurr
Better Than ThisChord7,825Koichi Kondo
Better Than ThisSolo5,157zunie
Bigger Fish To Fry (intro)Intro6,190mooman2679
Born On Christmas DayChord13,807Koichi Kondo
Brad Noodling AwayTab8,723Blackbyrd
Brad Noodling Away(part 2)Tab4,568sweethomealabam
Breakfast With YouChord3,377Koichi Kondo
Catch All The FishChord15,288BrianEarlHaines
Catch All The Fish (last Lick F To E)Tab4,492arhowell
CelebrityLead16,615Deleted Member
Celebrity (2nd Solo)Solo7,853axehappy
Celebrity (intro)Intro4,406play4u62
Celebrity(cerected Intro)Intro3,417jordon_hall21
Celebrity(electric Intro)Intro7,099Aggie86
Celebrity(every Lick, Solo And Chord)Lead10,815sweethomealabam
Celebrity2 Lead4,604Seh17
Cliffs Of Rock CityTab8,001CMATON
Cliffs Of Rock City (part 1)Lead9,523zunie
Cloud of DustChord5,378Deleted Member
Cluster Pluck (intro)Tab8,932calve66
Cluster Pluck (solos Part 1)Tab4,446calve66
Cluster Pluck (solos Part 2)Tab3,010calve66
Cluster Pluck (solos Part 3 - Final)Tab3,344calve66
Come Back To Bed(1st Solo)Solo3,124sweethomealabam
Come Back To Bed(crossroads 2nd Solo)Solo3,144sweethomealabam
Come On In (intro 2)Intro1,918meethoven
Come On In (w/ Buck Owens)Chord3,582alrightguy007
Come On In (w/ Buck Owens)Intro3,218ryant1028
Come On Over TonightChord9,566Deleted Member
Come On Over TonightSolo4,488mooman2679
Come On Over Tonight(acoustic)Intro4,672MattClark
Country NationChord12,553Koichi Kondo
Crushin ItChord10,971CountryFan88
Crushin' ItSolo5,320jpatt57
Departure (1st Solo)Solo2,580mooman2679
Departure (intro)Tab2,542mooman2679
Don't BreatheIntro3,958mooman2679
Don't BreatheChord4,935Deleted Member
Don't BreatheSolo4,717axehappy
Don't Breathe (end Lick)Tab2,852frochico
Don't Drink The WaterChord16,258Koichi Kondo
Easy MoneyChord4,965jefflee39
Easy MoneyChord8,699palamin0
Easy MoneyIntro5,218stratocaster90
Easy MoneyP-Tab4,234bbuubblleess
Easy Money (leads And Solos)Solo4,998mooman2679
Everybody's HereChord5,170BrianEarlHaines
Everybody's HereTab2,648PhoenixMandolin
Famous PeopleChord10,062Shantel
Famous PeopleIntro7,293axehappy
Farther AlongChord23,861axehappy
Farther AlongTab7,325fenderstrat102
Farther AlongLead6,918mooman2679
Find YourselfChord10,400rune
Go To Bed EarlyIntro431jpatt57
Hard LifeChord5,111Kaveman949
Hard Life (no Capo)Chord3,129themusicman118
Hard to Be a HusbandChord6,982jca4jc
Hard To Say HelloChord3,450WildCard76
Harvey BodineChord10,116Robin656
He Didn't Have To Be (acoustic)Tab20,750axehappy
He Didn't Have To Be (acoustic)Chord32,330axehappy
He Didn't Have To Be (acoustic)P-Tab5,646axehappy
He Didn't Have To Be 321Chord6,354rt@countrytabs
Heaven SouthIntro423jpatt57
High LifeSolo3,675jpatt57
Hold Me In Your ArmsSolo3,755sparza
Hold Me In Your Arms (and Let Me Fall)Chord7,461Shantel
Hold Me In Your Arms SoloSolo4,481logansams
Holdin' On To YouTab5,803axehappy
Holdin' On To YouChord8,007WildCard76
Huckleberry JamIntro5,588brandong
I Can't Change The WorldChord11,674Robin656
I Can't Change The WorldSolo2,984Robin656
I Hope That's MeChord7,222BrianEarlHaines
I Wish You'd StayTab21,886axehappy
I Wish You'd StayChord5,445musicmixstudio
I Wish You'd StaySolo4,060eric wilson
I Wish You'd Stay(outro Solo)Solo3,818mooman2679
If Love Was A PlaneChord6,154cntyotlw
I'll Be Home For ChristmasChord10,764Koichi Kondo
I'll Take You BackChord11,239WildCard76
I'll Take You BackIntro3,818seth_m
I'll Take You BackSolo6,271Blackbyrd
I'll Take You Back (correct)Intro7,855Blackbyrd
I'll Take You Back (intro)P-Tab5,373bbuubblleess
I'll Take You Back IntroIntro9,916boxelder
I'm Going To Miss Her (live From Muddi Gras)Lead4,769mooman2679
I'm Gonna Miss HerIntro3,601halifaxcou
I'm Gonna Miss HerBass6,178RBrockus
I'm Gonna Miss HerIntro35,776axehappy
I'm Gonna Miss HerSolo17,278axehappy
I'm Gonna Miss HerChord100,852lmofle
I'm Gonna Miss Her (album Chords)Chord43,820axehappy
I'm Gonna Miss Her (capo 2)Intro7,987TheBiggs11
I'm Gonna Miss Her (capo)Intro18,781axehappy
I'm Gonna Miss Her (capo2)Intro2,622meethoven
I'm Gonna Miss Her (ending)Lead6,220axehappy
I'm Gonna Miss Her (lick After Solo In 2nd Chorus)Tab6,657sparza
I'm Gonna Miss Her (lick) 1Solo5,029Quiern13
I'm Gonna Miss Her (live From Muddi Gras)Intro3,759sweethomealabam
I'm Gonna Miss Her (the Fishin' Song)Intro3,841livewire8
I'm Gonna Miss Her (the Fishin' Song)Solo4,315livewire8
I'm Gonna Miss Her (the Fishin' Song) (Ending)Tab2,539livewire8
Im Gonna Miss Her Ending TabTab4,331gdeweyn232
I'm Still A GuyChord54,127cntyotlw
I'm Still A GuyChord24,675cntyotlw
I'm Still A GuySolo6,846calve66
In The Garden Intro9,559Seh17
In the GardenChord17,185Deleted Member
In The Garden (violin End Solo)Solo8,147_oly_
In The Garden 2Chord5,809Hilt-}3D^gomer{
Is It Raining At Your HouseIntro3,581orangeruffy
Is It Raining At Your HouseTab3,706yeahright35
Is It Raining At Your HouseChord17,683axehappy
Is It Raining At Your House (capo)Chord9,644Coopersize
It DidChord5,822cntyotlw
It Never Woulda Worked Out AnywayTab7,385axehappy
I've Been BetterIntro4,083geetar81
I've Been Better (2)Chord4,156AaronG1980
I've Been Better (intro 2)Intro2,632AaronG1980
Jingle BellsTab12,235calve66
Jingle BellsTab3,056STRAWHATS7
Keep On The Sunny SideChord14,303Ray Terry
Keep On The Sunny SideIntro5,706silasa55
Kentucky JellyIntro8,964brandong
Kentucky Jelly (intro)Tab1,979mooman2679
Kentucky Jelly (solo)Solo2,130mooman2679
Kung Pao Buckaroo HolidayChord3,542saraevansjunkie
Last Time For EverythingChord2,457wtolp
Last Time For EverythingIntro875hybridrocknroll
Last Time For EverythingIntro451jpatt57
Les Is MoreTab7,496jpatt57
Let The Good Times RollChord21,053Koichi Kondo
Life’s Highway To HeavenChord12,165Ray Terry
Life's Railway To HeavenChord25,786Koichi Kondo
Life's Railway To HeavenIntro2,972arhowell
Life's Railway To HeavenSolo4,233arhowell
Little MomentsSolo32,338axehappy
Little MomentsTab20,949fenderstrat102
Little MomentsChord25,690PeaPicker
Little Moments (2)Chord50,315Shantel
Little Moments (easy Solo)Solo8,875sweethomealabam
Little Moments (in E)Chord8,562Manske2818
Little Moments (no Capo, Correct)Chord43,653sweethomealabam
Little Moments (picking)Tab23,745patlock
Little Moments(live From Crossroads)Solo4,043sweethomealabam
Long SermonIntro6,222axehappy
Long SermonSolo5,863axehappy
Long SermonIntro5,7886stringjohny
Long SermonChord5,649Deleted Member
Long Sermon IntroTab10,544logansams
Love Her Like She's LeavingChord4,290CRToon83
Love Is Never EndingChord7,486Shantel
Love Is Never EndingIntro4,589gator1948
Love Is Never Ending (acustic Intro)Intro5,514MattClark
Make A MistakeChord10,151axehappy
Make A MistakeIntro18,389axehappy
Make A MistakeTab34,881axehappy
Make A Mistake With MeSolo8,719dirtrider367
Me And JesusChord32,733flyinglibra51
Me NeitherTab10,356Deleted Member
Me NeitherChord15,459lmofle
Me NeitherIntro4,613jobakk
Me NeitherTab4,750WildCard76
Me Neither (album)Intro3,833gator1948
Me Neither (live From Muddi Gras)Intro4,226mooman2679
Me Neither 1st Solo CorrectSolo6,135logansams
Me Neither 3rd SoloSolo4,037logansams
Me Neither(3rd Solo)Solo3,186mooman2679
Moonshine In The TrunkChord5,197Koichi Kondo
More Than Just This SongChord5,837Koichi Kondo
Mr PolicemanTab4,514tatsguitars
Mr Policeman Part 2Tab2,420tatsguitars
Mr Policeman Part 3 Second SoloTab2,511tatsguitars
Mr Policeman Part 4 Third SoloTab2,084tatsguitars
Mr. PolicemanIntro4,388calve66
Mr. PolicemanChord9,327zunie
Mr. Policeman (solo #1)Solo10,796calve66
Mr. Policeman IntroIntro2,701randog7275
Mud On The TiresLead14,587mooman2679
Mud On The TiresIntro42,442axehappy
Mud On The TiresSolo14,521axehappy
Mud On The TiresChord106,817Shantel
Mud On The Tires (capo 2)Chord83,762Shantel
Mud On The Tires (ending)Tab2,649livewire8
Mud On The Tires (intro)Intro18,874dwm376s
Mud On The Tires (tabbed By Drkhrse)P-Tab11,306axehappy
Mud On The Tires SoloSolo15,394logansams
Mud On The Tires(corrected Intro)Intro10,319atekjunkie
Mud On The Tires(with&without G Bender)Solo5,057MattClark
Mud On The Tires23Intro4,585aesportsman
Munster RagTab5,320Deleted Member
Munster RagIntro1,920randog7275
Munster Rag ( Blue Grass Intro)Intro3,017MattClark
Munster Rag (part 1)Tab12,194axehappy
Munster Rag (part 2)Tab8,753axehappy
New AgainIntro5,895MattClark
New Again (with Sara Evans)Intro5,461dmobley
New Again (with Sara Evans)Chord33,554Shantel
New Favorite MemoryIntro2,987gdeweyn232
New Favorite MemoryChord9,178Koichi Kondo
Ode De ToiletIntro8,630mooman2679
Ode De ToiletSolo6,612mooman2679
Officially AliveChord2,730Robin656
Oh LoveChord2,940mayos
Oh Love (correct)Chord3,540joesklad
Oh Love (feat. Carrie Underwood)Chord2,823themusicman
Oh Love (w/ Carrie Underwood)Chord10,133rune
Oh Yeah, You're GoneChord6,170BrianEarlHaines
Old AlabamaChord35,692palamin0
Old AlabamaIntro8,377hybridrocknroll
Old Alabama (first Solo)Solo4,725calve66
Old Alabama (outro Solo)Solo5,015calve66
One Beer CanIntro464jpatt57
One Night In Las Vegas (with Chely Wright)Chord3,398Shantel
One Of Those LivesChord5,534dbthunder
One Of Those LivesTab5,107guitarnut1
One Of Those Lives (capo 2)Chord14,502calkins88
Online (ending)Tab2,027livewire8
Out In The Parkin Lot (with Alan Jackson)Chord11,094palamin0
Out In The Parking LotIntro4,453gator1948
Out In The Parking Lot (with Alan Jackson)Solo4,632mooman2679
Part TwoLead3,065Seh17
Part TwoTab4,491rune
Part Two 2Tab6,964PyoorCntry
Perfect StormChord10,659TomAtkins1991
Perfect Storm SoloSolo9,433arturopena85
Rainin YouChord5,880rdnckfisher
Rainin' YouChord19,378palamin0
Rainin' You (no Capo)Chord4,344danieljharp
Real (with William Shatner)Chord2,865rune
River BankChord13,102joedwright
River BankChord9,028Koichi Kondo
River BankSolo2,333jpatt57
River Bank Intro (Revised)Intro6,386hybridrocknroll
Runaway TrainChord7,111Robin656
Santa Looked Like DaddyChord10,077Ray Terry
Sharp Dressed ManSolo3,693MattClark
Sharp Dressed ManChord27,347axehappy
Sharp Dressed Man - Corrected FinallyIntro4,505pata320
Sharp Dressed Man (intro)correctedIntro6,553MattClark
Sharp Dressed Man(1st Solo)Solo8,679sweethomealabam
She's Everythin(acoustic Intro)Intro10,167aesportsman
Shes EverythingP-Tab14,082Benhuntin_22
She's EverythingChord101,087palamin0
She's EverythingIntro16,207stratocaster90
She's EverythingIntro2,717Soldierdude1133
She's EverythingChord25,618livewire8
She's EverythingIntro2,782livewire8
She's EverythingSolo2,732livewire8
She's EverythingChord1,891schuebz
She's Everything (ending)Tab3,124livewire8
She's Everything(solo)Solo14,079sweethomealabam
She's Everyting (first Solo)Solo9,822logansams
She's Her Own WomanChord6,266cntyotlw
She's Her Own WomanIntro4,628mooman2679
She's Her Own Woman (solo)Solo6,724mooman2679
Silent NightChord9,291Ray Terry
Sleepin' On The FoldoutChord4,935Deleted Member
Sleepin' On The FoldoutSolo2,921Deleted Member
Some MistakesChord5,278cntyotlw
Some Mistakes 2Chord2,488CRToon83
Some Mistakes1Chord2,112logan15
Somebody Knows You NowChord16,003palamin0
Somebody Knows You NowIntro9,026axehappy
Something About HerChord4,818dahbus
Something About Her (live Acoustic)Chord6,398musicmanb922
Something About Her (Trista's Song)Chord5,818jca4jc
Southern Comfort ZoneChord29,497Koichi Kondo
Southern Comfort ZoneLead2,578mooman2679
Southern Comfort ZoneChord5,535Robin656
Spaghetti Western SwingIntro10,782axehappy
Spaghetti Western Swing (part 1)Tab18,045axehappy
Spaghetti Western Swing (part 2)Tab8,651axehappy
Spaghetti Western Swing (part 3)Tab5,123axehappy
Spaghetti Western Swing (part 4)Tab4,038axehappy
Start A BandChord48,689gsg_60
Stingray Clip 1Tab2,722pata320
Stingray Clip 2Tab2,254pata320
That's LoveChord11,222palamin0
That's LoveTab5,717the legend
Thats Love (correct Full Intro)Intro5,410mooman2679
Thats Love (intro)Intro2,287kirkhammet3
That's Love (licks In Second Verse)Tab3,531Deleted Member
That's Love SoloSolo4,240logansams
Thats Love(lead Solos)Solo3,366mooman2679
The Best Thing I Had Goin-leadLead4,350cntyotlw
The Best Thing That I Had Goin'Chord7,366WildCard76
The Best Thing That I Had Goin' (2nd Solo)Solo3,582logansams
The Best Thing That I Had Goin' (capo 5)Chord4,298Coopersize
The Best Thing That I Had Goin' (solo)Solo5,230logansams
The Cigar SongSolo3,869mooman2679
The Cigar SongIntro3,981sam393
The Cigar SongChord13,612Shantel
The Cigar Song ( Acoustic Lick )Tab6,723MattClark
The Mona LisaChord24,478Koichi Kondo
The Nervous BreakdownP-Tab7,352bbuubblleess
The Nervous Breakdown (acoustic Corrected)Intro4,486sweethomealabam
The Nervous Breakdown (acoustic)Intro5,523JoeWallace
The Nervous Breakdown (correct Solo)Solo7,345logansams
The Nervous Breakdown (correct Tab) 1Tab50,277logansams
The Nervous Breakdown (part 1)Tab16,743axehappy
The Nervous Breakdown (part 2)Tab8,256axehappy
The Nervous Breakdown (part 3)Tab5,683axehappy
The Nirvous Break Down(hybrid Picking)Intro3,170MattClark
The Old Rugged CrossIntro14,698axehappy
The Old Rugged CrossTab48,511axehappy
The Old Rugged CrossChord24,713JoeWallace
The Old Rugged CrossChord10,392logan15
The PantsChord3,547PhoenixMandolin
The PantsChord21,595BrianEarlHaines
The WorldChord22,547palamin0
The WorldIntro7,933mooman2679
The World (capo)Chord11,105ermapoop
The World (intro Corrected)Intro11,536pata320
The World (solo)P-Tab3,953superear
The World [solo]Solo11,628eric wilson
ThenChord24,969Koichi Kondo
Then (solo)Solo9,941mooman2679
Then(Intro Lead&Piano arranged for guitar)P-Tab2,503Berard13
This Is Country MusicChord38,290BrianEarlHaines
This Is Country MusicIntro8,310hybridrocknroll
Throttleneck (part 1)Lead11,593zunie
Throttleneck (part 2)Lead6,033zunie
Throttleneck (part 3)Lead3,362zunie
Ticks (licks)P-Tab6,608superear
Ticks 2Intro7,531carlsont
Ticks IntroP-Tab7,282guitar__dude8
Ticks Outro SoloSolo6,111zunie
Time WarpIntro7,108MattClark
Time Warp (1st Jazz Corrected)Lead3,168pata320
Time Warp (blues Solo)Solo4,990mooman2679
Time Warp (entire Song)Tab5,654pata320
Time Warp (intro)Lead5,541pata320
Time Warp(1st Jazz Interlude)Solo3,197sweethomealabam
Time Well Wasted Intro3,844mooman2679
Time Well WastedSolo3,738mooman2679
Time Well WastedChord7,073chad_jarnigan
Time Well Wasted (capo)Chord10,398ermapoop
Times Like TheseSolo3,648zunie
Tin Can On A StringChord2,979Robin656
Toilet SeatChord8,513ccgcrrjp
Too CountryChord4,584Deleted Member
ToothbrushChord3,427Koichi Kondo
Turf's UpTab4,299seanr
Turf's UpTab9,112Tweek57
Turf's UpIntro3,106blugraspickr
Two Feet Of TopsoilIntro3,693bluesmany2k
Two Feet Of TopsoilLead2,941MattClark
Two Feet Of TopsoilChord27,315axehappy
Two Feet Of Topsoil (complete)P-Tab3,184atekjunkie
Two Feet Of Topsoil (entire Song)Tab3,739pata320
Two Feet Of Topsoil (intro Banjo Lick)Intro4,214MattClark
Two People Fell In LoveIntro11,633axehappy
Two People Fell in LoveChord17,893Deleted Member
Waitin On A WomanSolo12,864logansams
Waitin On A WomanChord37,480palamin0
Waitin' On A WomanIntro8,270mooman2679
Waitin' On A WomanChord27,323laurren
Waiting On A Woman (end Solo)Tab13,795Blackbyrd
We DancedIntro5,442skylar2003
We DancedLead8,114WildCard76
We DancedChord40,586WildCard76
We Danced (capo 2)Chord16,393AcousticCowboy1
We Danced (Capo Corrected)Chord6,479NashvilleHereICome
We Danced (corrected)Chord7,744NashvilleHereICome
Welcome To The FutureChord24,799cntyotlw
Welcome To The FutureIntro2,513tatsguitars
Welcome To The Future Solo4,367countryman86
Welcome To The FutureIntro4,014spencerlsu
Welcome To The FutureIntro2,711Super247365
Welcome To The Future - 100% AccurateChord5,562cstayton
Welcome To The Future - 100% CorrectIntro6,029cstayton
Welcome To The Future (reprise)Chord10,971cntyotlw
Welcome To The Future (w CaddD)Chord4,217dtpoet
What A Friend We Have In JesusTab30,348totalsour
When I Get Where I'm Goin'Intro10,004mooman2679
When I Get Where I'm GoingIntro4,961spencerlsu
When I Get Where I'm GoingIntro10,498denalitwinkie2s
When I Get Where I'm Going (cma's Corrected)Chord74,208denalitwinkie2s
When I Get Where I'm Going (CMA's-live)Chord15,112tdunn
When I Get Where I'm Going (finally Correct)Tab14,609pata320
When I Get Where I'm Going (lead)Intro5,916bwbucs23
When I Get Where Im Going (with Dolly Parton)Chord53,618palamin0
When We All Get To HeavenChord21,072Ray Terry
Whiskey LullabyChord495,143Shantel
Whiskey LullabyP-Tab10,377bbuubblleess
Whiskey LullabyIntro10,750musicman114
Whiskey LullabySolo15,574cntyotlw
Whiskey Lullaby (full Tab)Tab232,480micah87
Whiskey Lullaby (intro)Intro11,266buffetdreams
Whiskey Lullaby (intro) 1180Intro4,195moonshinedrinkr
Whiskey Lullaby (live From Muddi Gras Corrected)Intro5,676mooman2679
Whiskey Lullaby 11Intro3,118moonshinedrinkr
Whiskey Lullaby Capo 2Chord18,745jaywoody51
Whiskey Lullaby(correct Intro!)Intro8,839bonjon91
Whiskey Lullaby1Solo7,490wright_garyl
Who Needs PicturesTab11,217axehappy
Who Needs PicturesChord11,952Deleted Member
Who Needs PicturesIntro3,321lakecrazy24
Who's Gonna Fill Their ShoesChord9,361WildCard76
Who's Gonna Fill Their ShoesIntro3,847WildCard76
Why GeorgiaChord6,097jbodden
Why Georgia (acoustic)Tab5,234CM129688
Why Georgia (intro)Intro3,275GFunderburg
Winter WonderlandIntro8,008caca1986
Winter WonderlandSolo5,627caca1986
With You, Without YouChord5,039zunie
With You, Without YouChord5,018_oly_
Without A FightIntro3,358hybridrocknroll
Working On Her TanChord6,022stratcat3142
Wrapped AroundIntro14,525axehappy
Wrapped AroundLead13,819axehappy
Wrapped AroundSolo7,977yinielin
Wrapped AroundChord22,054jca4jc
Wrapped Around (live From Muddi Gras)Solo3,240sweethomealabam
Yes, You Will Intro2,564boxelder
Yes, You WillChord3,626WildCard76
You Do The MathChord5,618BrianEarlHaines
You Do The Math (Capo 2)Chord3,414BrianEarlHaines
You Have That Effect On MeChord9,000axehappy
You Have That Effect On MeIntro8,251axehappy
You Have That Effect On MeSolo4,642axehappy
You Need A Man Around HereChord8,491palamin0
You Shouldn't Have ToSolo2,235jpatt57
You Shouldn't Have ToChord1,450themusicman118
You'll Never Leave Harlan AliveChord10,825Roadrage
You'll Never Leave Harlan AliveChord39,685Shantel
You'll Never Leave Harlan AliveIntro9,371JoeWallace
You'll Never Leave Harlan AliveSolo7,467cntyotlw
You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive (solo Open Tuning)Solo5,841DBrown8755
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